Monday, June 15, 2015


Last week was an absolute blur.

We were beyond swamped at work.  Getting into the details is not necessary, but I was putting in some mad hours.

I almost completely forgot that it was Logan's birthday party on the weekend.  I had done zero prep. Ordinarily I go all out, making cupcakes, decorating etc.  But this time I just didn't have time.

That being said, it isn't Logan's fault that I was working and it isn't fair that his party should suffer.  So, Friday night after work, I was in the birthday ZONE.  I ordered a cake, hit Costco for pop/chips/plates/birthday paraphernalia,  hit up bulk barn for treats for the goody bags.

Saturday am, we were a go.  Picked up Logan's friend Seth on the way.  The party was at Glenwood community center.  It's a pretty sweet deal.  For $84 you get 2 hours in the gym, they set up the hockey nets/tables and you get access to the kitchen.

I knew Logan had invited kids and I had got some RSVPs, but I didn't really know how many to expect.  Some kids had told Logan they were coming, but I didn't hear from their parents.  Well, everyone came.  EVERYONE.  We had 15-16 kids, I don't know exactly because it was hard to count all the moving heads.

Party went as follows:  Hockey- Drink/veggie/fruit break - Hockey - Presents/Drink/veggie/fruit break - Hockey - Cake - DONE.

I think this is the kid type birthday party we will have.  The boys are getting older now and it's just time.

After the party, Logan had 3 friends to sleep over.  The kids he chose, are super well behaved, polite and awesome.  Love them.

But like any good party there was some drama.

Logan has an instagram account.  For the most part, it's just him and his friend posting goofy pics. Logan posted two pictures of him and his buddies from the sleepover.

One kid who came to the party, but not the sleepover was annoyed that he wasn't invited to the sleepover and called Logan mean.  He then posted a comment on Logan's picture that said "they don't even like you".

Nice kid, real nice.

Logan was justifiably pissed off.  So he retaliated.  I don't condone it, but I get it - if that makes any sense.  The kid just turned 10 and hasn't mastered the art of biting his tongue.  He went on this kids instagram account and made the comment "You're just jealous you didn't get invited.  Just admit it"

Ok - not happy with him for doing that.  But this is where it got kind of ugly.  This kids Dad is able to see his son's instagram and saw Logan's post.  He replied "That's really mean Logan!" and "You don't need friends like that"


Logan has a private account, so this Dad wasn't able to see what his kid had posted first.  You could tell by Logan's comment that he was replying to something, but I guess this Dad didn't notice it.

I spoke to Logan and got him to apologise.  However, I kind of felt Logan was entitled to an apology as well.  Since I know this kids Mum, I texted her.  I explained that Logan was WAY out of line and that we spoke to him and had him apologise.  I then mentioned that Logan was frustrated because of the comments her son had made.    She had no idea her son had made any comments - so it was good in that she became aware of what her son was posting online.

What in the actual h*ll?  This online stuff is crazy.  At least when I was a kid, if someone at school was being a jerk, at least you could escape for the weekend.  Now, it's in your face all the time.

In the end, Logan understood that what he did was wrong and that there would be consequences at home (grounded etc).  However, we made sure to tell him that he can always come to us and we will back him up provided he always tells the truth.

Sunday the kids all went home around 11 am or so.  What then followed was a marathon Orange is the new black session.  I made a nest on the couch which enabled me to not have to get up 5 solid episodes.  I make no apology for this.  After this week/weekend, I earned some quality veg time.


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