Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Thrifty Girl to the Rescue!

On Mother's Day Brad got me a shelf for the Washer/Dryer.  Initially I wanted an actual counter, but this area is much wider than a standard counter depth.  If we were to go custom, it would be mucho moola and since this is a laundry room, I wasn't prepared to outlay that kind of cash.

The shelf Brad made me absolutely did the job, but it was a plain piece of unfinished pine.  I wanted to do something to make it look a little more finished.

I looked online for some ideas, no shortage there!  Initially I thought I might just paint it, but that seems too pain as I wanted it to look like a counter.  Plus, if I am going to be putting things on top of it and pulling them off, I didn't want the paint to get scraped off.

Went to Home Depot last night and found some Peel and Stick floor tiles.  That might sound super ghetto, but they are actually pretty durable.  I went with floor tiles because of that durability and the fact that they somewhat look like a counter.  The Peel and Stick "Smart Tiles" that are used for back splashes are glorified stickers  and wasn't what I was looking for at all.  Added bonus?  The tiles were $1.38 each. Seriously! How budget friendly is that?

Here is a look at the preliminary project work:

The tiles are easy to cut with an exacto knife, you just score and snap.  Although, when I scored the tile, the knife would slip and I would get a crooked line, so instead I opted for scissors which gave me more control.

The only tricky part was working around the hoses for the washer.  For that area, we cut it into two pieces. Worked like a charm.  The last task was the front edge.  could have cut a strip of tile and glue it to the edge, but unless the cut lines are absolutely perfect, it would look like garbage.  Instead, I went to the paint section at Home Depot and picked a color that matched the tile.  Since I only need a minute amount of paint, I just bought of those paint samples that are meant for people who are deciding between colors.  It's only $4.98 and was MORE than enough paint.

By painting the edge, it gave it that finished look.

It's by no means perfect in that I would have like the shelf to come out farther, but for $20 all in, I am pretty happy with it.


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