Monday, May 4, 2015

Sore Legs, Happy Heart.

This weekend was insanity, every hour that I was awake I was busy.

Friday was nutso at work.  I also had theatre tickets that night.  I had originally planned to go home and Debbie would pick me up there, but since work was running late, I met her at the play.  It was called Clever Little Lies and was really quite good.  The play had no intermission and was only 85 minutes, so we were home at a decent time.

That worked out well for me because I had to mark papers.  Students handed in their assignment on Wednesday, but I have been too busy working overtime to mark them.  By the time I got home each night I was exhausted and not up to marking them.

But I knew that Sat/Sun would be busy with the race, so I hunkered down Friday night and got them all marked.  Was up til 1 am which isn't bad at all.

Saturday am, got up early with the boys and was at Assiniboine park for 9 am.  We worked all day.  Brad was off setting up his fencing for the relay and I was spending all my time getting the finish line set up.  It was a whole new thing because we had moved locations.  We used to be over by the duck pond.  The new location is better because we have more space, but it was difficult to visualize how everything was going to fit.

The wind on Saturday wrecked havoc with the site.  We couldn't set up banners because the wind was blowing so hard and would just rip the Zip ties.  At one point, our military tent used for medical lifted up and almost blew into the forest.

Boys were great and I was so impressed with how much they helped out, lifting fencing, setting up tables, you name it, they did it.  Got home late Saturday and just fell into bed.

Sunday morning was even earlier, got up at 4:00am and was at Assinboine park for 4:30am.  The sun hadn't even thought about coming up.  Since the wind was giving us such a hard time, we had a lot of things to do.  Also this year had an extra challenge; In the past, the start and finish line were two separate areas.  That was good because I could get everything set up, medals, give away gifts as soon as I arrived Sunday morning.

This year, I couldn't do that because my space was filled to the brim with runners.  Add to that a new 5K race.  The challenge with the 5K race instead of a half marathon distance is that the runners are done way earlier and we have even less time to get things set up.  But my awesome group of volunteers came through and we got it all done.

Some of the highlights this year at the finish were:

  • Joanne Schiewe - a runner who recently got diagnosed with a stage 4 brain tumor. This amazing woman who only weeks ago has undergone 2 craniotomies, has raised over $19,000 by herself, which will be matched dollar for dollar with Brain Canada.
  • Ryder, a two year old survivor who just days before our race got the go ahead to paricipate as a volunteer.  This little boy exuded joy.
  • Sandi, a runner with only one leg who completed our race, kinda makes you run out of excuses for not running
  • A father/daughter pair who ran the relay event.  The dad is a police officer and his daughter is only 8!  She beat her Dad's time and even raised over $1,000 for Cancer.  How amazing is that?
After the race was done, it was time for tear down.  Each year this gets faster and faster.  Plus with the amazing weather, the last runner crossed 30 minutes earlier than normal, so we got a jump start.

Got home and my legs were just aching from being on my feet for the entire weekend, but my heart was full.  It's a privilege to be a part of something so incredible. 

Can't wait for 2016.


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