Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Funky Chicken

Well that May long was just....well.. to put it bluntly...the sh*ts.

Friday night Brad picked me up at work and we headed straight out to the cabin.  Brad is always in a big hurry to leave the hustle and bustle of the city and get out to the stix.

Everything was going well despite the 1 hour trek from my office to the outskirts of town.  We got to Headingly and were sitting at a light and the truck just died.  It wouldn't start, had no power - NADA.

Perfect.  It's pouring, we have a full truck and are now stranded.  We called CAA and were told there would be a 1 - 1.5 hour wait for a tow.  Even when the tow would arrive, I only qualify for a 5K tow, which is not a whole heck of a lot.  We cancelled the tow.

I called Owen.  Owen is my big brother and has saved me on numerous occasions, this one included. Owen and Whitney were out and about but dropped everything and came and helped us.  Owen brought a truck and he and Brad got a tow rope set up and took the car to Murray Chev.  They have an after hours drop box, where you can drop the keys, with a note indicating what is wrong with your vehicle and they will get back to you the following morning.  Whitney, with Wade in tow, took me and the boys home.

We had a nice little visit with Wade while we were waiting for Owen and Brad to come home.  Wade is adorable with the biggest eyes.  Love him to pieces.

Friday morning, Brad was on the phone with Murray Chev.  Initially they told us that they might not have a chance to look at it Friday.  But Brad was persistent and just kept calling.  In all honesty, I think they just fixed the truck to shut him up.  We thought it might be the fuel pump causing the issue, which wouldn't have been great as that is a $1,000 touch.  As is turned out, it was a Relay Switch, a small insignificant part in terms of size, it's only about an inch long, but crucial in terms of truck function.  Total for repair was $355 including an engine treatment of some sort.  We were back in business and left for the cabin Friday night.

On our way to Brandon, we stopped off to pick up Brad's deer.  Back in the fall, Brad got a deer in hunting season. This deer had a nice rack on it, so Brad decided to have it mounted.  Let me tell you that taking a deer to a taxidermist isn't cheap, and for good reason. I was surprised at the the amount of artistry that goes into making it look lifelike and real.  The taxidermist had nicknamed the deer Oliver, so we decided to keep the moniker.

Saturday morning we had a lazy breakfast and then Zach, Mum and I went into Brandon for shopping and lunch.  Logan gets car sick and opted out of the two hour round trip.  We puttered around in Brandon  most the the morning and afternoon.  Later that afternoon, I got that same tell tale feeling of deja vu and being on a roller coaster, that feeling when your stomach drops.  I know well enough now that it means a seizure is imminent.

Mum said that my head dropped down and I let out a cry followed by a Funky Chicken aka Tonic Clonic or the Mack Daddy of all seizures, a Grand Mal.  A Grand Mal seizure is the classic seizure you think of when you hear Epilepsy - arms flailing etc.

I have to look really hard to find a positive here, but I guess it was that Mum was there to witness it, the first time an adult has ever been present when I had a seizure.   She was able to give me some valuable feedback on what was previously unknown.   Zach was justifiably freaked out.  Once the seizure was over, I felt exhausted and queasy, but that passed fairly quickly.

What didn't pass as quickly was the emotional fall out.  I was frustrated... actually scratch that, I was P*SSED.  I was mad that it happened because I am on meds (although I am only at 2/3 of where he wants me to be before my next appointment.  I don't know if that will be my final dosage or just a check in point though and maybe my dosage will be increased beyond that.  Who knows.

It is difficult not to feel sorry for myself.  Seizures are just humiliating, they just are.  Despite everyone around you being supportive and saying it's okay, you just want to run away and hide.  But I was stuck in a cabin in the middle of nowhere.

The weather on Saturday night and Sunday turned bad, with an early spring snowstorm, so there was no entertaining the idea of going home early.  It wasn't fun for the boys either because they were stuck inside because of the miserable weather.  I hunkered down with my new book; Orange is the New Black and escaped into the world of a women's penitentiary, how fitting.

Brad and the boys were beyond incredible, truly.  I will say this of my Hargreaves boys; On a day to day basis, the drive me crazy, but when big scary sh*t happens, there is no one else that you would want by your side.  Brad is my rock.  He held me and assured me that we would get through this together and I believe him.  The boys were wonderful, but in different ways.  Zach was very much like Brad, just stoic and supportive, hugging me tight.  Logan told me to be brave and told me that he would protect me no matter what.  He then started coming up with solutions, "Mum you should call the doctor on Tuesday and see what he says and make sure you're doing the right things".

I think of how awful it would be to go through this alone  That would unbearable, so I am grateful for my family and friends.  I  know that this is but a blip in the radar and I've just got to put on my big girl panties and get on with it.  And I will.  I might be a bit of a soggy mess for the first part of the journey, but like they say, "When going through h*ll, keep going".


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