Thursday, May 28, 2015


Given my recent state of affairs, it would appear as though I am going to be spending much more time on two wheel instead of four this summer. Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.

This past weekend, Zach and I went for a ride to the grocery store.  We needed to pick up a few things and Brad was off helping Owen with some landscaping.  As we are down to one vehicle, and I shouldn't drive anyway, we opted for bikes.

Problem is we have no wagon to drag along behind to carry anything back in.  Undeterred, we each put empty backpacks. Excellent!  Problem solved.

What should have been a relaxing Saturday ride was a comedy of errors - how unlike me.  First off, my bike tire was flat, so I had to bring it in the garage and inflate the tire.  But my kick stand is for sh*t and as I was pumping up the tire, the bike fell over. Didn't think much of it at the time.

All pumped up for our ride (HA!) we set off.  However, my bike was not riding right.  It's hard to describe the sound it was making, but it was one of those things that makes you cock your head to the side and say "That's not right".

Turns out that when my bike toppled over, the back wheel bent and something may or may not have happened to the derailer - It's hard to say .  Fantastic.  Back to the garage for a second time.  Since Zach is taller than me, I can ride his bike.  Zach can ride Logan's bike, it's a little small, but do-able.  So we set off.

Got to the store.  Zach hates shopping and opted to stay outside to watch the bikes instead of having to deal with the throngs of people doing their weekend shopping.

Admittedly I got a little carried away with my shopping and was overly optimistic as to what would fit in the backpacks.  I managed to get most of the purchases into my bag, mind you the hot dog buns took a bit of a hit.

What was more challenging was the large plastic planter I bought.  Zach and I pondered how to get it home, briefly considering wearing it as a hat.  Ultimately, we decided to open his backpack all the way and get the base of the planter in, but then not zip it.

It worked.... sort of.  Every time Zach went over a bump, the planter would go on a suicide mission for the pavement.  Zach was beyond frustrated by the end of the ride home.  Miraculously, the plastic planter didn't crack at all.

The mornings adventures got me thinking.  My bike is pretty old.  It's a mountain bike, but I have never ridden it anywhere that would require it's "mountain" functionality.  Plus, there is no where for me to carry anything.

I decided rather than spending money fixing up the old bike, maybe it was time for a new one.  But I wanted to kick it old school.  Behold... my new bike!

It's a thing of beauty.  What you are looking at is the Electra Cruiser Ladies Bike in Seafoam Green.  This particular shade of awesomeness is not in stock, so I am going to go down to WoodCock cycle to special order it in.  I will also be adding a basket.  

Yes. Basket.

The Basket is non negotiable and will make me feel as though I am cycling in Nantucket circa 1950.  For those who have trouble imagining, it will look similar to this:



HP said...

so jelly. I've been on my bike non-stop lately and I wish I had just bought a cruiser style bike. I'm hoping to add a basket soon too....I found lately that MEC actually has some really good prices on bike accessories and is just a short lunch time walk.

Jodi said...

Good Idea! I'll have to make the trek over and check out what they have. I was surprised, the cruiser bikes at woodock are much more reasonable than I thought. Only $339.

HP said...

No! It sounds like it might be time to sell mine on kijiji and upgrade!

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