Friday, May 29, 2015

Start the Car!!

Oh boy! That was a good evening.

Brad met me at Woodcock to look at bikes.  The one I saw online was a one gear old school bike; the ones you have to reverse on the pedals to stop.  Add to that it didn't come in mint green and I decided not to get it.

They did have a version with gears, for $399, but again it wasn't available in the green.  Initially they said it could be ordered, but when they called, the warehouse no longer had them. I could get the green in the higher end versions, but they we $699, Yeah, no.

I looked online at sport chek and they had city cruiser bikes and we much cheaper.  I knew they wouldn't be the same quality as the Electra, but for what I need it for, I thought the sport chek version would do just fine.

I was initially excited again because they had the mint green, but again my hopes were dashed, it also only came in the one gear. What the h*ll?  Sport chek had a 7 gear version, but it was in black with turquoise white wall tires. It also came with fenders, which was a pricey add on to the Electra bikes.  The price?  $349. I wasn't sure if it was on sale for $249 or not. But whatever...Sold.

It's odd buying bikes at Sport Chek, you don't take it up to the cashier or anything, the guys in the bike shop write you up an invoice that you take up.  I didn't even look at the invoice.  When I got to the till, the price came up at $349 and the cashier was all perplexed and called the bike guy over.

I guess the bike guy made a goof and he wrote down the $199 price which was the price of the bike with only one gear.  Rather than admit he made a mistake, he just told the cashier to price over it and give me the bike for $199.

My feeling walking out of Sport Chek were very reminiscent of this...

So while it isn't completely the color I wanted,  for the bargain basement price of $199, I'll take it!

Went for a ride last night. My FAVORITE thing about it is the U shape handlebars, which are incredible, you don't have to lean forward at all.  Plus, most of the bikes I have been riding had a straight top bar, this version is a ladies bike, which makes hopping on and off decadently easy.


Here is picture of my shiny new ride (basket to come soon)


HP said...

That is gorgeous! How do the 3 speeds work out? Good enough for hills/wind resistance?

Jodi said...

Yup! works like a charm.

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