Monday, April 6, 2015

Off the beaten track

Everytime Brad goes away.... something happens.  It's inevitable.

See here...

or here

sigh... or here

Brad was at the cabin with the boys for the remainder of Spring Break, but I had to work.  This weekend, I decided to clean the house.  Give a it good top to bottom Mary Poppins-esque scrub down.

I started upstairs in my ensuite.  At some point, I started cleaning the shower doors.  But I guess I was cleaning somewhat too vigorously and the glass shower doors came off their tracks.

No problem.  You're talking to a woman who renovated a bathroom single handed, I think I am capable of putting shower doors back on.

Sweet mother of pearl that was easier said than done.

At one point, I was standing in the shower, holding the three doors together trying to connect them in all at once.  Looking back, I realize this was an asinine  thought, but in my defense I was desperate.

As I was trying to click all three glass doors into their respective tracks, the doors slipped and fell squarely on my big toe.  I swore.  Loud.

But I didn't have time to fuss about it because I was still holding the glass doors and I didn't want them to fall and shatter.

After stabilizing the doors (still weren't back in their tracks), I looked down.

It was a scene from Psycho.  The entire shower floor was covered in blood.  I looked down at my mangled toe and saw a deep "L" shaped gash.  Awesome.

My predicament was now as follows:
1) I need the first aid kit
2) The first aid kit is in the boys bathroom
3) The boys bathroom and my ensuite are separated by a rather large expanse of light grey carpeting
4) FML

I rinsed off both feet and made a sacrificial lamb of one of Brad's shirts from the laundry basket and hobbled over to the first aid kit.   I was pretty sure I needed stitches and wasn't sure if I had broken my toe.

However, in my infinite wisdom, I was more concerned with getting the shower doors back on (and I still had to finish cleaning the rest of the house!).    I did some battlefield first aid on my toe, popped an Advil and got back to it.

After calling out to a divine power for assistance, I was able to figure out how the doors went back on. The three doors nest in on each other, but what I didn't realize was that they click into the bottom track on two different levels.  That little gem of knowledge would have saved a good hour of struggling.  But they were back on, Hallelujah.

I know had a throbbing toe and had to decide if I needed stitches.  I can't drive at the moment, or shouldn't I should say as I do still have my license.  I knew that it didn't matter if the toe was broken because they don't do anything for that.  So I made an executive decision to use some skin glue to close up the deep gash.  Skip over the photo below if you're squeamish...

In retrospect, I really should have got stitches.  The stitches would have closed the wound up whereas now I have a big gap, which means it's going to be a ugly scar, but whatever, it's a toe and it's still attached which is the main thing.

Thankfully, I don't think I broke it.  Although it's sore, once the swelling went down I was able to bend my toe without excruciating pain which means I didn't break it. I've broken a toe before (incidentally when Brad was away hunting) and this time it isn't nearly as painful, so I think I'm in the clear.

Sometimes you just have to laugh at how things turn out, life is constantly keeping me in stitches.


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