Monday, April 27, 2015

Mind is Spinning


The side effects appear to be starting.  First up Vertigo.  Awesome. Followed closely behind with waves of nausea.  Even better.

But despite that, I had a great weekend. We delivered flyers along the race route for the WPS Half Marathon.  The boys got really into the flyer delivery and marveled at all the mansions on Wellington (as did I).  This is the second year that they will be volunteering alongside Brad and I.  It's pretty cool that they are the second generation volunteers.  Brad and I have been volunteering for this race for 11 years.  I was actually pregnant with Logan one year when I was volunteering!

When we got home, we set to task and cleaned out the truck (seeing as it is our only vehicle now) and the garage in general.  In cleaning out the garage, I came across my old inline skates.  Zach and I have the same size feet and the blades were all black (and in no way "girly"). So we decided to see if they fit him.  They did!  It was amazing, he LOVES it.   He spent a good portion of Saturday skating outside and more on Sunday too.  It was so much fun. I cycled beside him and he was able to keep up with me.

Logan was in his glory this weekend.  He left the house to go play at the park with his friends at 9:30am and was outside all freaking day.  Then bounced from one house to another, making pit stops to get snacks or drinks at various friends houses along the way.  They had lunch at Alex's place and then Alex came to our place for supper.  Once supper was done, they headed out again. I told him he had to be home by 7:30 pm, which he did, but he brought another buddy Zach Tinley home with him. Too funny.

By  9pm bedtime, he was SPENT.  Pretty awesome.  That is one of the biggest changes since we moved to the new place, the kids.  In the old house we never had kids come knocking, mostly I think because they all lived farther away.  But now, it's a revolving door of kids coming and going and playing outside.  I love it.

Nice relaxing weekend in the books, total mayhem coming up... WPS Half Baby!


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