Monday, April 13, 2015

Birthday Shenanigans

My nephews birthdays are in March and May  and my boys are in June and August respectively.

Everyone is always busy, so it's hard finding a time to get everyone together.  The past few years they combined the parties into one family one (the boys still get their individual birthday parties with friends etc).

That one was Saturday afternoon.  I love my brother and sister in law.  They are just awesome.  Brett is also a major pusher.  You would be hard pressed at Brett's to not have a drink in your hand.  You will also remember sipping your drink but never actually going empty at any point during the evening. Always fun.

It was nice visiting with everyone.  George, my father in law,  is still fighting cancer.   He's stage 4, but is doing well.  He is on a trial program of liquid radiation in Edmonton.  So far the doctors are pleased with the progress he's making on the program which is really great to hear.

I wasn't sure I was going to make it to the party because I threw my neck out Friday.  Every couple of months the muscles in my neck go completely haywire. I'll wake up and can't turn my head and the muscles will be in spasm.

Friday morning was just that.  I called my chiro, busy.  I called my regular massage therapist, busy.


So instead I went to see the chiro in the mall close to my office.  Chiro's make me nervous, but I can't argue with the results.  After seeing a chiro, my neck is always better.  But still, trusting a new chiro, that makes me sweat.

This guy was ok, but his method was different.  My regular guy has me lie down on the table and "Hugs" to get the neck back into place.  THis guy had me sit in a chair and came up behind me and adjusted my neck mortal kombat style which was ever so terrifying.

After he made the epic adjustment, I tried to inconspicuously wiggle my toes and hands. All good. Whew.

Now everything was back into place, but the muscles were all out of whack because they had been fighting the joints. I needed a massage.

I dislike massages, I don't find them relaxing.  But I needed one, but my regular therapist doesn't have any opening until the end of May. MAY!

That is the beauty of having a husband who spends his days working at a medical supply store.  All of his contacts are therapists, doctors, specialists.

Brad made a phone call and got me into see Zach at Woseley Wellness on Friday night.  Zach beat me up, went to town working the disobedient muscle in my neck.  I was sore Friday night after the massage, but I could turn my head.   PROGRESS!

Saturday I felt just bruised, but my neck felt orders of magnitude better. So grateful for Zach at Woselely Wellness.  Amazing.

I still have a little residual stiffness, but I am feeling so much better.   This week is going to be a ball buster at work, so I'm glad I'm feeling better.


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