Thursday, April 30, 2015

Always All In.

I am, and have always been 100% in.

I have never been one to dip a toe into anything. I'm either engaged or I'm not.

So with the whole epilepsy thing?  If that is what I am facing, well then I might as well embrace it.  Wondering where to start, I contacted Epilepsy Manitoba.  They provide access to valuable resources/support groups and if you become a member you can vote.

I am going to become a member and who knows, I might even join the Board of Directors (they are looking for new members).  They also have a variety of opportunities to get involved, Epilepsy Awareness Day, Golf Tournaments, Purple Pumpkin days (Purple is the signature epilepsy color) to name but a few.  I've signed up to volunteer.

The way I see it is that I have two choices.  1) Let this diagnosis send me into a pity spiral or 2) Get off my a** and do something about it.  Now, granted my volunteering to paint pumpkins purple is not going to change the world, but at least I'm doing something.  I choose Option 2.

Going to go to my GP tomorrow to ask a few more questions as she will have neuro results by then.  Specifically, I want to know about wine.  Ok, this may seem like a crazy thing to be thinking about, but I like to have a glass of wine now and then and I need to know if doing so will make me see floating pink elephants and turn my world into the drunk scene from Disney's Dumbo. Incidentally, if you have not watched that scene, you're missing out.  I am not a Disney fan, but the weirdness of this scene is legendary.  Check out the link below, I'll wait...

Welcome Back... see what I mean?  Sheer lunacy.

Anyways, as I was about to say before we went on the pink pachyderm tangent, if I am going to have to take meds everyday, then I am going to have a cool pill box. Plus, I know that from time to time I am going to forget if I took a pill or not.  So if I portion them out, then I will be able to check.  Score one for organization!

What I found was pretty mundane.  Most pill boxes look like this:

Wah Wah.  Those are far too sterile looking and just... well ... medical looking.   I want a container that is going to make me smile at least.  It took a bit of searching, because honestly, most of the ones I found online looked like some derivative of the above.

Cue ETSY!  I found a seller called StellerCustomImages who had a bad a** selection of pillboxes, now there is a sentence you don't hear everyday.  I hummed and hawed and finally picked out the following:

Perfect.  I love it.  Meds or Madness indeed.


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