Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring Shrink

27.2 pounds GONE since January.

I was starting to get discouraged because things were going really slow in March despite any effort I was making.  I know I am supposed to drink lots of water, but I'd fallen off the wagon, because I really hate drinking water.

Yes, I know it has a whole myriad of health benefits, but to me, it's a chore. Regardless, I started back up again.  It helps.  As of today, I am down 4.8lbs which isn't a huge amount, but hey... it's something.

I am looking forward to hitting a 30lbs loss.  That seems significant somehow.  Maybe it's because I am still waiting for people to notice.  I mean how much am I going to have to drop before you can tell?  I have noticed in the mirror lately and I have been able to tell in my clothes for awhile.  As my friend Debbie pointed out though, my clothes aren't fitted, they are loose and flowy.

That is great if you are trying to hide your size as it camouflages things, but it also hides if you are losing weight as well. So perhaps that is why no one has noticed.

At some point they will though.  But I have to keep reminding myself why I started, for the health benefits and to feel good.

With that in mind, the Spring Shrink moves onward!


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