Monday, March 2, 2015

Sonya and Vanya and Masha and Spike

Friday night was theatre with Debbie.  So good.  We got our thimble full of wine and hinered down for a evening of entertainment.  Sonya and Vanya and Masha and Spike is a funny play.   Truly.  We laughed out loud throughout the entire thing.

The premise is that aging siblings are left living together after they sacrificed the bulk of their adulthood caring for their parents who have since past.  Lamenting the sacrifice, their older actress sibling comes home for a visit with her boy toy Spike in tow.  The acting was quite good, especially Fiona Reid who played Sonia, who was amazing.  She does this impression of Maggie Smith that was spot on.

The rest of the weekend was just hockey hockey hockey.  It's playoffs.  Playoffs are never at a rink nearby, no one is that lucky.  Case in point; Logan plays out of Varsity View in Charleswood and Zach plays out of the Maples.  My nephews who are based in East St. Paul play out of  Glenwood (off St. Mary's) and Southdale.

The Hargreaves boys were 50-50.  Logan's team won, Zach's lost, Braden's lost and Bennett's won.  Both Logan and Bennett scored goals and Bennett's was the game winning goal in overtime.  I was one really proud Aunt!

Sunday I also went for lunch with Kendra.  We hit up Muddy Waters and then browsed around the Forks after.  A few years ago when Kendra had Adam, she made the decision to be a stay at home mum.   Since she's not working, I find that we don't talk as much.  But that could have just as much to do with having a toddler running around regardless of whether she's working or not.

Still, we chatted this weekend and I asked if she was happy. I can't tell that she is, Kendra is a wonderful mother to Adam.  I do think that she misses the interaction with her friends though, so I am going to make a bigger effort to have more girls nights.  She needs them just as much as I do.

...and just like that, the weekend is over.

We are now gearing up for Spring activities.  Both boys will be doing swimming lessons.  Going from being on the water  (well frozen) to being in it.

Never ends.


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