Monday, March 9, 2015

Playoffs, Date Night and a Baby shower

Another busy weekend.

Boys are in full swing play offs and so are both of my nephews.  We are making an effort to get to as many of the games as we can.

Saturday morning was Zach's game.  Bonnie, Bennett and Braden came out to cheer him on.  It was the best game of Zach's life.

Bennett and I
Braden and I

First off, we scored early and Zach got the assist.  Then out of no where Zach scored TWO goals back to back.  He had not scored yet this season, given he was on defense for half the season and only recently moved up to forward that isn't surprising.  After the two goals, he got another assist and the team won 4-3.

In the locker room, the coaches ask the kids after each game who should get player of the game.  Unanimously they all yelled out Zach.  I don't know who was prouder, Zach or Brad.  But all of us were so proud of him.  If you're going to pick a time to come into your own, the playoffs are a good a time as any.

Unfortunately Logan's team didn't fare as well.  They got beat out in their playoff game Saturday afternoon. (I would have liked to post a selfie with Logan but he wasn't in the mood for photos).  The good thing is that Logan's team was still on the A side, so they aren't done yet.  The drop down to B side and can still battle it out.

Saturday night was our date night.  I think it was cool we decided to make some random Saturday special rather than waiting for an occasion.   We went to the VIP theatre and saw Kingsmen.  I loved the British spy part of the movie, that part was good.  But the villain and his murderous plot was uh, odd.  I won't spoil it in case you want to see it.  It did have a Quentin Tarantino vibe in parts for sure.

Around 10pm we headed over to the Keg for a late supper.

Even got to have my favorite dessert in a glass, a chocolate martini.  Delish!

Sunday was Whitney's baby shower to celebrate the arrival of Wade.  I had made red velvet cupcakes for the occasion and carefully transported them to the shower.  Unfortunately in the chaos of the arrival they cupcake were knocked over smushing my carefully piped icing.  Grrr.

I was sitting with my cousin Dana, who is amazing and funny. She is such a blast to hang out with. We were both bummed that Jill couldn't be there because she was in Florida for a conference.  Dana doesn't have kids nor does she want kids.  But I think my Aunt Pat would like otherwise. She was down on the floor holding the shower hosts baby girl getting a Grandma fix.

Left the shower and headed over to Southdale to watch Bennett's team play.  It was a really evenly matched team and with 2 minutes to go, it was tied 1-1.  But at 1:45 left, they scored and then 45 seconds later, they scored again!    A minute left and the other team scores.  It's now 3-2.  The other team pulls the goalie and everyone in the stands is on the edge of their seats.  But Gateway held them off and was able to pull out a victory!


Came home, had supper and headed to bed.  It was a pretty great weekend.


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