Thursday, March 5, 2015

Juiced the Juicer

I'm an idiot.  I feel like we can save so much time if I just lead many of my stories with that statement.

Last night I was making juice.  I've gotten into the habit of every day (or every other day), juicing some vegetables for the boys and I.  It's a great way to get in some healthy micro nutrients rather than hunkering down with a feedbag of spinach.  I generally feel like a culinary rock star whenever I use this machine.  Can't explain why.

My juicer is kept on my counter because I use it so often.  After each use, I wash it out and put it all back together so it's ready to go for next time.  However, the last time I used it I just placed the parts together rather than clicking  them together because I didn't have time to dry them off.  I figured by not clicking them together, the air would get at the components better.

Sigh - refer back to my opening statement.

Cue Wednesday night and I totally forgot about my air drying brainwave.  The juicer looked like it was all put together and I didn't remember that it wasn't, so off I went.

I was making "Sunrise Juice".  It is Apples, Carrots, Kale, Pears and Beets.  Has this lovely dark purple color and the boys love it.

I started off by juicing Kale, or attempting to juice Kale.  It wasn't working as well as it normally did.  I thought maybe the kale had gotten stuck, so I threw in an apple and a pear to push it it down.  I was really having to fight the plunger and you shouldn't have to.  I then began to notice an odd smell, like burnt plastic.

For those unfamiliar with juicer components, they all have a compartment that catches all of the fruit/veggie pulp.  I line that compartment with a plastic bag.  It makes clean up so much easier.  So when I smelt the burning plastic, my initial thoughts were that the bag somehow got caught in the motor.

I was just about to shut the juicer off when I noticed smoke wafting up from the machine.

ABORT! Abort the Plan!

I opened up the machine and quickly realized what happened.  The spinning mesh filter that separates the juice from the pulp has started to grind into the the plastic of the machine.  When you assemble the machine, you push down on the filter and it clicks into place.  The top of the juicer, with the entry chute for produce goes on top.

When I didn't click the filter down, it was sitting up too high and was "juicing" the bottom of the entry chute.  Little bits of black grated plastic were flying around/melting and that was the cause of the smoke.  Not a lot of micro nutrients in that.

I took the whole machine apart and cleaned it up.  Took a bit of finagling because the little bits of grated plastic were spinning so fast against the filter they melted, but when I stopped the machine they cooled and hardened.  I had to scrape them off all of the remnants which took a bit of time.

But, I am pleased to say I got it working again and made another batch of sunrise juice.

Eating healthy certainly comes with it's share of drama.


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