Friday, March 13, 2015


Poor Logan.

A few weeks ago in Hockey practice, he hit his head on the ice.  He was ok at the time, but got some headaches in the days after.

This week at school he was on the playground swing set and did a Flying Wallendas move and hit his head and shoulder upon landing.

Yesterday he had a headache so bad we had to pick him up from school.  So that means no more hockey until his concussion heals, which is especially painful given that they are still in the playoffs. He's pretty upset.  While he understands, it still just sucks.

So this weekend we have only Zach's hockey.  While his team was eliminated from the playoffs, they are now in a post playoff tournament.  Somewhere intermingled with all of that I have to work.  My main deadline is Monday, which means I will be burning some big work hours this weekend.

Oh well.  Par for the course.   I am really happy with my job and the way things are going, so I am not about to complain.  When I hear friends tell me how much they hate their job, I just consider myself really lucky.


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