Thursday, February 5, 2015

Tamn it

I lost my favorite tam hat.  I had it Monday on the way to work, but when I went to go home it was missing.  I think I left it at Shoppers Drug Mart on the checkout counter when I stopped to buy bus tickets.  But when I went back the next day, there was nothing in any lost and found.

Tucked inside the hat was my new red Canadian mitts that I got for Christmas, so it was a double whammy of suck.

So I guess I can't be too hard on Zach when he loses his stuff because I'm just as bad!

Yesterday was a long day.  Really long.  I got to work at 8:45 am and left at 10:05 pm.  PM!  By the time I got home everyone was asleep.  With Brad getting up and leaving for work before I get up and my coming home after he goes to bed, we haven't spent any time together (apart from sleeping next to one another) since Tuesday.    I didn't have the forethought to bring any dinner, so by 9:30 I was ready to chew on the pencils at my desk solely based on fiber content.

Being crazy busy and not having any food at my desk has helped AMJ though (as has getting a Y membership and working out at lunchhour).  As of Thursday am, I am down 15.4lbs.


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