Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Popsicle Parenting

I was born in Winnipeg, grew up in Winnipeg and am raising my kids in Winnipeg.

You would think that given the above, I would be used to the cold or at the very least accustomed to it.  But there is something about cold weather; when you walk outside in -35C and get hit in the face with a wind so icy it takes your breath away and makes your eyes water that even the heartiest among us let out a involuntary gasp of shock,

Middle of February means lots of cold weather and **shudder** outdoor hockey games.

This weekend was Hockey Manitoba's 100th anniversary; games were being played all over the province in celebration.  Teams were either Team Black or Team Gold and the win/loss record from the teams across the province would be tallied  to see who would win.  

Here is the kicker.... the games were outside.  Played on rickety old frozen rinks with slanted boards and no shelter from the wind.  In truth, it was the epitome of Canadian Hockey.  Spectating isn't for wimps either.  While the kids can keep warm by skating, there isn't much warmth to be generated standing along the boards cheering.  Keeps you on your toes though - there isn't any glass/netting to protect you from wayward pucks or high sticks against the boards.  More than once we had to duck to avoid getting hit in the face.

Beth and I

So the Mom-posse all suited up to spectate and cheer on the kids. Fashion was not an option at this point.  You know what's sexy in -35C with a biting frigid wind?  LAYERS. Layers are sexy.

The games are slightly modified to only have two halves instead of 3 periods and they let the kids warm up in between.  Technically speaking I am not sure we should even have been playing because I think the cut off for outdoor games is -28C, but whatever, you dress for it.

Both boys had games on Sunday in the celebrations.  They even got to keep their jersey/socks which were really nice.

It was tough to get warm after that.  It was somewhere around 8 pm that I became happily aware that I could feel my toes again.

Regardless it was a fun weekend.  Added bonus is that you burn more calories in cold weather just trying to keep warm.  Stepped on the scale this morning and I'm down TWENTY!!  Feeling pretty good about that.  To quote my mother, I must be "built like a brick sh*t house" because no one has noticed yet.  I've started to notice a big difference in my clothes and I think you can see a difference in my face.  But the name of the game here is getting healthy and I'm on my way.


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