Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Lucky Lazers

Logan's hockey team got quite the surprise last night.

Mark Scheifele came to their practice.  Scheifele's charity of choice is Kidsport. It just so happens that one of the parents on our team is on the Board for KidSport.  So with Scheifele wanting to make a media announcement of his involvement with the program, the kids got to have a practice with him.

It was amazing.  We had kept it a secret from the kids, so when the walked out to the rink they had no idea that both Scheifele and the media were going to be there.  They were all pretty shocked. 

 Scheifele skated with them the whole practice.  My favorite part was when Logan was doing a drill with him and was calling for the pass from Scheifele!  Too funny.

Logan is #6


I was really impressed that Scheifele came out to skate with a bunch of 9 year olds.  He's a busy guy and to take that time out for them was really inspiring.  He's also the nicest guy.  One of the kids on our team just out of the blue asked him "Can I have your stick?"   He just smiled and shrugged and said "Sure!"  How cool is that?

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