Monday, February 9, 2015

Groundhog weekend

My weekends feel like that movie Groundhog day.  Different weekend, same stuff. Hockey games, playdates and Birthday Parties on repeat.

This weekend both boys had games.  Logan played really well, got a goal (he'd been shut out for a long time) and made player of the game, so that was awesome!

Zach's game went well.  He stayed in the game emotionally, played his position and supported his team mates.  Big Win for him.  An added bonus was the Jill came out to watch. Jill is technically my cousin (Owen's sister), but we are way closer than regular cousins.  Same with Owen and I. I find it's easier to describe our relationship as siblings and so that's usually what I do.  Maybe it comes from a deep down desire for the siblings I never had... who knows.  It's too early for psychobabble.

Other than that nothing much happened.  I did a bunch of baking on Sunday. I made quiche cups (with no crust to keep the fat/calories down), low cal blueberry muffins, stuff chicken with spinach, feta and red peppers and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for the boys.

Quite productive actually.

Sunday night Brad took Logan to the Jets game.  Logan hadn't been to one yet, so it was great that he got to go.  Brad bought him a Jet's dog at the game.  They are HUGE!!

Forgot to mention.  AMJ check in.  Adding workouts to my AMJ plan seem to be really helping.  I'm down 18lbs.


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