Monday, February 23, 2015

Grand Forks Wrap

Grand Forks was pretty great.  The drive down was a little squirrelly with the blowing snow, but we made it safely.  Friday night the boys went straight to the water park.  Parents assembled and just sat around chatting and had a few beers.  When the water park closed, we moved upstairs to the 8th floor and ended up camping out in the hallway.

But that got quickly shut down because of an elderly couple who unfortunately got a room right in the middle of a grouping of hockey team rooms.

Saturday morning we were up at an ungodly hour for the first game, which we lost.  Whatever.  Jen and I decided to go shopping.  We hit the Macy's one day sale.  I have never really been to Macy's.  It's got a Sears/Bay vibe to it.  The regular prices weren't anything great, but the sale prices?  HOLY.
I got Nike Zip up hoodies for the boys at $14.99 regularly $50.  I got Zach two long sleeve champion technical shirts (that under armor type material) for $2.49.  Yes.  $2.49.  They were already marked down 80% off and then because of the one day day you got an additional 50% off that. I also got cargo pants for the boys for $4.99.  Got Brad a Tommy Hilfiger winter jacket for $42.

I didn't get myself anything.  No point in buying clothes with AMJ in full swing, but wow.  They had some crazy deals.  Jen got a Calvin Klein top for $17.

Saturday night a bunch of the families went for Mexican food.  We ended up at Paradiso which is like Chi chi's.  I really picked my battles on this one.  Zach and Logan had a later lunch at 2:30pm and we were going for dinner at 5:30pm.  Logan was good to eat, but Zach wasn't hungry.  Rather than turn it into a big battle, I said he didn't have to have anything, but that if he got hungry later, there was only fruit/bagels and yogurt in the hotel room.  He was fine with that.  Crisis averted.

Back at the hotel later, Zach met a girl at the water park.  It's the first time I've ever seen him interact with a girl in that way.  He was splashing her and she was squealing  in that way only a 12 year old girl can.  When he came out of the pool he  told me about it, he had a big smile. It really warmed my heart.  Sigh. My boy is growing up.

Sunday morning we had back to back games.  9:15am and then 10:30 am.  The 9:15 we demolished the team 5-0, but lost the second game 4-5.  It was close, but the other team was fresh and our boys were pretty tired.

The first game was played on the Ralph Englestad rink.  It's really nice and reminiscent of the MTS center.

Drive home was great, no wait at the border at all.  Weekend was completed a glass of wine and watched the Academy Awards.


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