Friday, February 27, 2015

Comedy of Errors

Friday is off to a rocking start, but actually if I'm being honest, the comedy of errors all started yesterday.

I had errands to run and since I was out and about, I grabbed some take out sushi rather than eat what I had brought.  No big deal, I figured I'd leave my lunch in the fridge at work and have it for lunch on Friday.

Given that I was planning to walk around downtown, I locked my desk before leaving and brought my pass key with me (my pass key and desk key are on the same key chain).  When I returned from my errands, I realized that I hadn't pushed in my desk drawers all the way so they were still open.  I put my stuff in the drawer and closed it up.

Around 5 pm I was starting to get ready to go.  But my drawer was locked.  See, if you open your drawers and leave them open while locking your desk, the drawers will only lock upon closing.

When I returned from lunch and put my stuff in the opened drawers, they didn't lock until they closed.  Which ordinarily would have been fine as I keep my pass key out. But since I had been out walking, I had my pass key in my purse and now I was locked out;  Couldn't even take the bus home because I needed my bus pass and even if I got a ride home, I couldn't get in the house because my keys were in my purse.


 I had to go and get the master set of key from security and after a fair amount of hullabaloo, I got my desk open and all was well.  Fast Forward to this morning.

On the way to the bus stop this morning, the zipper to my gym bag broke.   Since I had to stop at Shoppers to pick up batteries for my hearing aids, I bought one of the those reusable bags to get me through the day.  While at the till I put my keys in my pocket (I was somewhat paranoid of leaving things on the counter because I had already lost my hat and mitts that way ) but when I pulled the pocket zipper up, it broke.  Two zippers down in one morning.


Walked up to work and got settled in.  Was about to put my hearing aid batteries in when I realized I had bought the wrong size.   So I made the decision to quickly run back down and return them.  I figured that was enough hiccups for one morning.

Cue lunch time.  Headed over to the fridge to get my leftover lunch from yesterday to find it gone. While I was initially irate that someone had taken it, I quickly realized that the one day I leave my lunch at work is the one day of the month they clean out the fridge and throw out any food left.  My lunch was not stolen, it had been thrown out along with it's container. Sigh.

Starving, I headed down to the cafeteria to buy something.  Got a salad and fresh fruit cup (Groundbreaking, riveting reading material I'm giving you here).  Was about to step off the elevator when the heel of my shoe got caught in the little gap between the floor and the elevator causing me to stumble and sent my lunch flying.

Thankfully, I was able to recover and save most of it before it hit the floor, but two cherry tomatoes and some olives were the sacrificial lambs.

What do you even call a day like that?  It's one part accident prone, one part clumsy and a solid cup and a half of idiocy.


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