Friday, January 16, 2015

Lost in Surburbia

Not exactly a relaxing commute.

This morning was ok for the most part.  Zach was in a bit of a mood and stated that he'd had enough of Logan and wanted to walk to school instead of take the bus.  Fine.  I wasn't going to argue.

So Logan and I were waiting for the bus.  The glorious #59.  Which didn't show up.  I know that a #58 comes shortly after.  The #58 goes the exact same way for the preliminary part of the route, which means it goes right by the boys school.

Logan was nervous.  He's comfortable with the #59 and was unsure if the #58 would go the same way. I reassured him that it absolutely would and that it would be no different.

How wrong I was.

Th #58 came and we hopped on. All appeared to be well.  Except that the turn for the boys school came.... and went.  Logan said "Mum! He's not turning! "  I had been so sure that bus went by the school, but to be honest, I'd never taken the #58 from the new house so I was now questioning myself.

I told Logan to get off the bus at the next stop and walk back to the school.

The bus continued to barrel along Algate with no intent of slowing down to make a turn.  You can always tell when a bus goes the wrong way because everyone on the bus gets very antsy very fast.  Finally after about 5 minutes, one bus patron told the bus driver he was going the wrong way. 

You know when you find yourself driving the wrong way, you pull into someones driveway just so you can turn around?   That's what the bus driver attempted to do, but not with a driveway, with some random side street.

Ok. No matter.  We are back heading the right way.  He turned onto Highbury and I saw Logan walking down the street to school and waived.  How weird is this?  As we drove by the school, I saw Zach on the playground.  He picked a good day to walk!

The bus is supposed to turn right onto John Forsyth, but what did my driver do?  LEFT!  Left is clearly the obvious choice. Again, we are barreling down the road in the wrong direction.  People were a little quicker to point out the flaw after the first wrong turn.  But the turn around this time was much more difficult and we ended up getting stuck.

I was just shaking my head at this point.  After some finagling the driver got the bus back on to the appropriate route.  Thankfully there were no more wrong turns after that.

What the h*ll man?  I've seen bus drivers consult maps before. Why didn't you?   Early morning commuters are not the sort of Mob you want to mess with. 

I tweeted my frustration to Winnipeg Transit and surprisingly they replied!  They apologized for the driver (something the driver himself didn't do) and asked for details (what route, what time etc).

All in all I arrived a work just a few minutes later than normal.   So much for a relaxing Friday commute!


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