Friday, January 9, 2015

Lavender Nights

If you follow my blog then you'll know that sleep has been an issue lately.

I remember reading somewhere that lavender is helpful for sleeping.  So I dug into my cabinet and I found some lavender essential oil.

My intention was to float over to my pillow (ethereal dressing gown optional) and sprinkle some lavender oil on my pillow case.

What actually occurred was my spilling the entire contents of the essential oil bottle over my pillow as the lid came off.

But whatever, it's essential oil right?  It'll dissipate.  I wasn't planning on going to bed right away anyways so I went downstairs.

Fast forward an hour or two later when Brad and I came back upstairs and opened the door to the bedroom.  The scent was so strong it hit you in the face similar to the blast of hot air that you get when you open an oven.

We tried to go to bed but the smell was so strong it was making my eyes water.  So instead of relaxing, I ended up in a fit of giggles.  The whole situation was just so ridiculously ironic.  My attempt at making the bedroom a sleep sanctuary in fact turned it into an inhospitable environment.

We weren't about to sleep on the couch though, so we did the only thing we could, change the sheets.  It seemed to alleviate the bulk of the smell which was about as good as we could hope for.

On a positive note, I slept really well. So who knows... maybe it does work


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