Friday, January 2, 2015

Holiday Wrap

 2014 has come and gone.

Holidays were great.  The trifecta (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day) all went well.  It was my first time hosting the Hargreaves Christmas and I wanted it to be perfect, if not perfect then good.  Surprisingly it did!  I am quite thankful that Turkey's are so easy to prepare!    The dinner turned out great, boys had a good time (all 4 of them) and my in laws were able to make it (You never know with winter roads).
My Hargreaves Holiday table

Christmas Day was at our house in the morning and then we headed over to GG's in the afternoon.  It was nice to have a get together with Mum's side. It wasn't quite the same this year because Angie wasn't able to make it, but her son Stephen and his girlfriend Sherry came for awhile.
Zach and GG

Logan and GG

Boxing Day was at Owen and Whitney's new place.  They have done a lot of renos and the house looks great!  Whitney is due in about a month.  It's very exciting.  Next year is going to be very different with a wee little Preston running around.

We decided to head out to the cabin on the 27th.  The roads were great and the river was good and frozen which meant we got there in record time.  Dale had let himself into the cabin and started up the woodstove for us so it was nice and warm when we arrived.  How awesome is that?

Courtney's birthday was on the 28th, so we stopped in and celebrated early.  Dale's son and his girlfriend Brandy were over with their new baby Jax.  I forgot how much of a sucker for babies Brad is.  His eyes practically lit up when Jax arrived.  I got to hold him and feed him a bottle.  It feels like eons since my boys were ever that small.

The cabin is an exceptionally peaceful place.  It's so quiet out there in the middle of the woods.  This year it was also REALLY cold, temperatures dropped into the -30C range without even factoring in the windchill.  The fact that there was not much snow is both a blessing and a curse.  Blessing in that it makes getting to the cabin easier (you don't have to snowmobile or plow in), but it is a curse in that many winter activities get sidelined (snowshoeing, snowmobiling and sledding).

We stayed until the 30th and came back in.  Both boys had hockey events that night.    Each team was having a skills competition and a holiday dinner.  Logan won the most accurate shot for his team.  Zach won hardest shot for his.

The 31st was my birthday.  I met Jill at Tiber River for our annual birthday spa treat.  Always love spending time with her, she's such a calming presence.  After our pedicures, we headed out for lunch.

Ran a few errands and came back home to see that Brad and the boys had cleaned the house for me, which was a really nice surprise.

In the evening, our friends came over.  David/Debbie, Josh/Jen, Sean/Erin, Dave/Beth (who was there in spirit because she had to work) plus everyones kids.  It was a full house.  I was completely spoiled.  I was given flowers, spa gift certificates, coffee cards, scarves and get this.... Cristal Champagne!

I've never had Cristal before because a) I am not Jay-Z and b) I do not have a million dollars.

However, it was a real treat.  It is very very good.

Later on in the evening, Debbie opened her Karaoke machine. I have never done Karaoke before, but I now know that Katy Perry songs are meant to be sung in a register I have no hope of ever achieving.

Karaoke was followed by Beer Pong.  But to make it a punishment for losing the beer they bought was just gawd awful, with an aftertaste that just lingered.

So when it was my turn, I swapped the beer for Spumante ( the Cristal had run out by that point). Which was a punishment to some because it was so sweet.

Sean (Guy on the far left in the above photo) discovered that he could take over the technology in our house by linking his phone to our wifi and so he became the self appointed DJ for the evening patching his music through our speakers.  He has pretty good taste otherwise I would have absconded with his phone!

A good time was had by all.  Most everyone lives so close to our place that they just walked home, which is great because good luck getting a cab on New Years!

January 1 was a day for hydrating and eating leftovers.  We were decadently lazy watching movies and cuddling on the couch.

I was thinking about resolutions this year and I've come up with a few:
1. Get back on track health wise.  My Ass Minimizing Journey (AMJ) went on a major detour after my gallbladder removal surgery.  While this is an explanation as opposed to an excuse, enough is enough and it's time to get back on track.
2. Start Exercising Again.  Part and Parcel with number 1, but getting moving again will be an essential part of my AMJ 2015 revamp.
3.Read More.  Ever since I got my iphone I have noticed that I don't read as much any more.  While I still believe that there is something to be said for a real paperback book, I have downloaded a few books to read on my phone.
4.Worry Less.  I stress a lot.  From the kids, to my health to money.... I over think things.  So my goal for 2015 is when I have those feelings will be to acknowledge them briefly, send love and light to those I am thinking about and then just drop it.

As of right now, I truly am content though. Yes, there are things about myself that I want to work on. But I sincerely am happy and grateful for what I have.   It's a nice place to start 2015.


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