Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Burning the candle at both ends

It's been a busy few days.  Looooooooooong hours at work.  Then I get home and just have enough time to get everything ready for the next day, fall into bed and get up and do it all over again.

Today was a fun morning. **sarcasm sign**

Zach and Logan had a good morning, so that was nice at least.  No problems.  Dropped them off at school and carried on to work.  I had no sooner been at my desk 5 minutes, when the phone rang.  Zach was in the office.

Whenever the school calls, my stomach just bottoms out.  I mean they never call to say, "your son had the most amazing morning, we just had to call and tell you".  So you know it's not great news.

Turns out Zach wasn't feeling well. I asked to put Zach on the phone.  He said that he had been with his friends on the merry go round and his stomach started to feel queasy.  In my head, I was thinking that he just got himself nauseous from the spinning of the merry go round and that it would pass.  I was more inclined to think this was the case because I hadn't seen any symptoms that he wasn't feeling well at all this morning.

The school was somewhat concerned because today was track and field day and they were about to get on a bus.  I said he's fine, let him go.  Felt ok with that decision.  About a half hour later, I got a call from Zach's teacher.  He's throwing up on the bus.

Awesome. Once again securing my Mother of the Year trophy.

I am not really in a position to go pick him up because I would have to bus out to the track meet and then bus home.  Not ideal. So Brad went and got him.  Brad checked him out and said that he was fine.

What he surmises happened was that Zach got "Roller coaster stomach"; That queasy feeling you get after riding amusement park rides. Before Zach's stomach could settle down, he had to get on an overheated school bus.  This was too much for his stomach at that point and so it became an "Everybody Out" situation.

It's busy for Brad at work too, so taking the day off was not a great option.  He couldn't take Zach back to school because Zach's whole grade was at the track meet and there was no one at the school. So Brad took him to work.

I sincerely hope that's what it is in fact and Zach's isn't coming down with whatever Logan had a few weeks back.

Fingers Crossed!


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