Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Bug's got a bug

To say that Logan has been irritable lately is somewhat of a understatement.  Something as innocuous as asking how his day was would result in a verbal backlash generally reserved for House of Common debates.

Last night he had a headache.  I gave him some meds for it and that seemed to help.  He came downstairs and did a workout with me.  But it was short lived and the headache returned soon after.

Somewhere north of midnight, I heard him cry out.  Poor Logan, his gastrointestinal system was in the midst of an internal blitzkrieg.  No one likes getting sick, but Logan genuinely fears it.    Once over, he crawled back to bed and I tried to get some sleep as well. At about 1:30 am he was up again, and yet again at 3:30am.  Sleep is for pussies evidently.

At this point I knew he wasn't going to school today.    It's times like these that I am both grateful for the boys loving grandmother and even more grateful that she is a night owl.  I texted my mum at about 1 am to see if she could watch Logan today.  

Sure enough, my Mum and Dad showed up at my door this morning ready to look after Logan.  It really does take a village.'s are on as to how many cups of coffee it is going to take me to get through this day.


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