Thursday, January 29, 2015

Always something to be grateful for

Today was a great morning.  It wasn't great in that everything went well and there were no meltdowns.   There was a meltdown but it was how we responded to it that was great.

Short Version: Zach was watching youtube on his ipad with the volume cranked.  Logan asked him to turn it down and Zach freaked on him.

Logan and I both didn't react to Zach's meltdown (using a technique for ADHD behavior modification I have read about).  Instead, we walked away.  It was pretty remarkable.  The meltdown just stopped because since we left the room, there was no one to do theatrics for.  Then after Zach had calmed himself down, Logan went and talked to him, explaining he didn't mean to make him mad, it's just that with the ipad volume so high, he couldn't hear his own ipod.  They hugged it out and it was over.

The rest of the morning passed without any further incident and everyone arrived at school in good spirits. That's a win folks.

Riding high off of that this morning, I stepped on the scale for an AMJ check in.

Down 12.


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