Thursday, December 18, 2014

Zach's concert and an early Christmas gift

Zach's concert was on Tuesday.  This year he opted to not audition for one of the main roles.  Not sure why because he is so amazing at theater and performing.  Regardless, it's his choice, so we didn't push it.

That being said, he did a great job in the Chorus.
ZJ is back row middle with both hands up

My Mum and Dad came out for Zach's concert as well. I have to give them a lot of credit, as far as grandparents go, they are the bees knees.

There was also the most spectacular Mullet/Rat Tail in front of me during the concert. OH! It was a thing of beauty.  I am fighting the urge to post it, but I won't in case it happens to be the Dad of one of the boys friends or something.

So the week has been going on from there.  Wednesday morning I woke up with a headache, feeling kind of achy.  By 5pm I was DONE.  Brad and the boys had gone to the Jet's skills competition at the MTS center, but I just went straight home.  Fever, chills... the works.

Went to bed somewhere around 8:30pm.  I don't ever go to bed that early, so I kept on waking up from 4am onwards.  I feel a little better this morning, but it's been deteriorating as the day goes on.
I just got over a bad cold, I really don't want another!

In other news, I called MPI today to see if there were any updates on my driving situation.  As you recall, the neurologist approved me to drive and sent in the letter, so I have been patiently *ahem* waiting to hear.  They said it takes 5-10 days to process, but I was getting antsy, so I called them.


They mailed the approval letter December 15 - Brad told me it arrived today.




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