Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Red Lobster

School concerts are a complete trip.

You have the full spectrum of parenting styles on display.  There are the stay at home Mums who are in it to win it, participating in everything from costume design to set building;  The parents whose kid has a staring role and feel the need to tell you that every 5 seconds; The parents that are there because they have to be, neither them or their kid actually want to be there and then the group of parents that fall somewhere in the middle.

Last night was the K-4 concert. Logan is in Grade 4.  He's never been one to like these sorts of concerts.  One year he was standing on stage "singing".  We were video taping and zoomed in on him only to discover he wasn't singing Jingle Bells, but rather singing "Blah Blah Blah... Blah Blah  Blah" to the tune of Jingle Bells.  It was a proud moment.

Which is why we were sort of  perplexed when he auditioned this year.  He got the part of a Toy Soldier, which is a speaking part.  He had a little buyers remorse once he got the part, but he seemed to be ready to go for Monday night.

It was standing room only.  The principal tried to turn it into a positive saying "Isn't this a great display of support from the community..." Nice try Dude, tell that to the Grandma standing in the back.

It is always funny watching the parents try to wave to their kids when the get on stage.  You see the kids scanning the audience and then parents waving their heads off.  We have a system with our boys... we give a thumbs up rather than a wave.  Stands out a bit, but it's still subtle and we always find each other pretty quickly.

Last night a woman in front of me made a bird call. I kid you not.  After her emphatic attempts at waving were fruitless, she opted for a bird call.  A random "Caw Caw!".  It took me by complete surprise and I laughed out loud.  Hard.

My Dad was with me and we share the same sense of humor.   We were taking bets on what she would do next, set off a flare perhaps?

The K-2's were up first.  Always cute.  There is always one kid who isn't having it.  Everyone around him is doing the hand actions and getting into it and he's just standing there, scratching his head as if to say, "yeah... no".

The sang this one called "I want a kitty for a present". It somewhat reminds me of a that Hush Little Baby song.  The kids basically sing,  "I want a kitty for a pet, if I can't have a kitty, then I want a chicken for a pet, if I can't have a chicken I want a lobster for a pet...."

Every time the kids would announce what they would take instead of a kitty, they would hold up a drawing of the applicable animal.

Cute right?  Trust my Dad to ruin it in the most hilarious of ways.

As they were singing the song and got to the lobster part, my Dad starts to laugh.  Generally throughout these performances there are a few titters from the audience, for instance a kid holds a picture upside down, or part of a costumer falls off... cute funny stuff.

 But my Dad was really  laughing.  When I leaned over to shush him, he whispered, "They cooked the lobster!"

The picture of the lobster that they held up was red.  Doesn't seem odd at first until you recall that lobsters are a greenish brown until they are cooked and then they turn bright red.

So my Dad thought it was hilarious that the kids were singing about a pet lobster that was clearly dead. To which my Dad leans in and says "Well as least it would be well behaved".

My Dad's awesome.

After the K-2 performances, it was time for the 3-4 Holiday "Moosical".  The general premise is that a moose wants to be a reindeer and is told he can't be only to believe in himself and he learns to fly.

It was well done, the kids did great. I was really proud of Logan he remembered all his lines and looked so great in costume.

The picture is a bit fuzzy because we were WAY at the back and I have zoomed in here so you can see Logan.

All in all it was quite a fun night.  Tonight it Zach's concert.  Zach decided he didn't want to audition this year, so he's in the chorus.  It's only the 5-6 concert instead of K-4 so we are hoping it won't be as packed as it was last night.


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