Friday, December 19, 2014

It's Official

I have a shiny new driver's license in my hot little hands (actually a temporary one until the photo one arrives next week).

It's crazy, I was able to go out shopping last night and run a few errands.  It felt so decadent to be able to do that without relying on someone to give me a ride.

I do have to provide a full medical report (which I think will include the EEG) within a time span of one year, but for now, I'm back in business.

Not a minute too soon because both boys have hockey tonight at the same time so I have to take Logan and Brad is taking Zach.  No rest for the wicked.

I just realised that by this time next week Christmas will be over

I am SOOOOO not ready!  I have to pick up Logan a few more things and I haven't gotten Brad anything yet.  We are sticking to stocking stuffers, but still.

Good thing is that with my being able to drive, Logan and I will hit the mall after hockey and pick up a few things.

This weekend is a little bit of hockey and maybe get some baking done.  I hate holiday baking anyways, add to that the fact that I haven't completely figured out my new stove yet and it's a disaster in the making.  But hopefully  I do ok.

I have to work Monday/Tuesday and then I'm off until Jan 2.  Can't wait for the break!


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