Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cautiously Optimistic

Yesterday I met with the Neurologist.

It's been a long time coming. In March I went to the ER not feeling at all well and the dr's there suspended my license on suspicion of a seizure.

Since that day, I have undergone scads of testing, Cardiac testing (Holter monitor, Echocardiogram, tilt table, drop test {take your blood pressure lying down and then right after you stand}), Neurological testing (MRI), Endocrine testing (blood sugar etc). I even sent my entire medical history down to be reviewed by the Best Doctors program.  They take your file and have a consultation to get the background of what you are going through.  Then your file is sent to high profile University/College medical specialists for review.  My file was sent to Harvard and Michigan.

All results have been fine.  The only thing that has shown up is that I have persistently low B12.  

They determined that it was heat sensitivity (hot water - bath/shower etc) combined with low water intake ( I really don't drink enough) and low salt that was causing my episodes.  A brief misdiagnosis of Meniere's disease was actually symptomatic of the concussion I got when I fainted and hit my head. Once I recovered from the concussion, the symptoms went away.

Despite all of the above, Manitoba Drivers licensing doesn't really care, they just need a neurologist to sign off on my ability to safely drive.

When I called the neurologist back in the summer they said it would be a 9 month wait.  Given at that point, I'd already been without a license since March, I had a minor meltdown.

The reason for the wait was that it had been over a year since I saw this neurologist and that means I was technically a new patient.  New patients hit the back of the line.

So I talked very nicely with the receptionist and got the "new patient" status waived, which meant my appointment moved from May 2015 up to January 2015.

Good news surely, but still a 4 month wait.

In a vain attempt at getting an earlier appointment I asked to be put on the cancellation list, but was told not to hold my breath as there was well over 20 people in front of me on the list

Now you're all caught up.

Saw the neurologist yesterday.   He went through my entire history, tests that have been done etc. We discussed the episode that caused me to go to the ER.  What he determined was that there is a potential for the March episode to have been a seizure, there is no way to tell for sure.  That being said, all of my current tests show good results and it's been 9 months since I had that episode and I haven't had any since.  Which means even if it was a seizure, it seems to have been an isolated incident.

He told me he is going to recommend my license be reinstated.  

So I should be doing cartwheels right?

The form MPI provided said they need an EEG report included with the neurology report.  However, my doctor doesn't feel there is enough evidence to warrant one prior to my license being returned. We are still going to do an EEG, but that could be an additional 4 month wait and my Dr feels I should be permitted to drive in the meantime.

The woman at Manitoba driver licensing said that it can take 5-10 days from when they receive the letter from the Dr for them to contact me with instructions.

These instructions are specific to each case and could indicate you have to take the driving test again. However, she told me that I hadn't been suspended so long that would warrant a re-test.

So that is why I am not letting myself getting too excited just yet.   I am nervous that MPI will hold out for an EEG and that I will have to re-test.

Fingers Crossed I will get a letter in 5 days that tells me I have to simply pay the fee and get my license back, that would be the best Christmas Gift Ever.


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