Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Disgruntled Baker

Do you ever notice how Bakers are always depicted as happy?

Twinkly Eyed jovial sorts bounding about the kitchen with an artistic dusting of icing sugar across their left cheek.

I have been putting off my Christmas baking for awhile now.  Why? Because I hate it.

Maybe it was making all the dainties for my parents 50th last summer, but I am daintied out.   But Christmas waits for no man and we are having the family over the Christmas Eve, so I can't very well wait much longer.  Bonnie is going to bring the dessert, so I just have to make some treats for snacks and not the main pie or anything.

I made Brownies, Nanaimo Bars and Lemon Squares. 2 batches of each.  That way I can freeze some and serve it for New Years. Done.

The Nanaimo bars came from a mix.  Any layered dainty is just too much commitment and the mix actually does a surprisingly good job.

I can't believe it's Christmas Eve tomorrow!  Where did the time go?  The Holiday Trifecta (Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day) will be spent with Family.  Hargreaves, Letendre and Preston respectively.  Those 3 days always seem to blur into one.

The 27-30th is  wide open.  Haven't decided our plans there yet.New Years Eve we are having friend over for a house warming, birthday, new years extravaganza. Plus during the day on the 31st, Jill and I are going to Tiber River spa and then for lunch.  That I am very much looking forward to.

The end of 2014 is upon us. I have a lot of things to be grateful for, our new house, my health, the return of my license, the boys doing well at their new school, wonderful supportive friends, family and a loving husband.

I will never lose sight of how lucky I truly am.

Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas and a prosperous 2015.

Love ya.

Friday, December 19, 2014

It's Official

I have a shiny new driver's license in my hot little hands (actually a temporary one until the photo one arrives next week).

It's crazy, I was able to go out shopping last night and run a few errands.  It felt so decadent to be able to do that without relying on someone to give me a ride.

I do have to provide a full medical report (which I think will include the EEG) within a time span of one year, but for now, I'm back in business.

Not a minute too soon because both boys have hockey tonight at the same time so I have to take Logan and Brad is taking Zach.  No rest for the wicked.

I just realised that by this time next week Christmas will be over

I am SOOOOO not ready!  I have to pick up Logan a few more things and I haven't gotten Brad anything yet.  We are sticking to stocking stuffers, but still.

Good thing is that with my being able to drive, Logan and I will hit the mall after hockey and pick up a few things.

This weekend is a little bit of hockey and maybe get some baking done.  I hate holiday baking anyways, add to that the fact that I haven't completely figured out my new stove yet and it's a disaster in the making.  But hopefully  I do ok.

I have to work Monday/Tuesday and then I'm off until Jan 2.  Can't wait for the break!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Zach's concert and an early Christmas gift

Zach's concert was on Tuesday.  This year he opted to not audition for one of the main roles.  Not sure why because he is so amazing at theater and performing.  Regardless, it's his choice, so we didn't push it.

That being said, he did a great job in the Chorus.
ZJ is back row middle with both hands up

My Mum and Dad came out for Zach's concert as well. I have to give them a lot of credit, as far as grandparents go, they are the bees knees.

There was also the most spectacular Mullet/Rat Tail in front of me during the concert. OH! It was a thing of beauty.  I am fighting the urge to post it, but I won't in case it happens to be the Dad of one of the boys friends or something.

So the week has been going on from there.  Wednesday morning I woke up with a headache, feeling kind of achy.  By 5pm I was DONE.  Brad and the boys had gone to the Jet's skills competition at the MTS center, but I just went straight home.  Fever, chills... the works.

Went to bed somewhere around 8:30pm.  I don't ever go to bed that early, so I kept on waking up from 4am onwards.  I feel a little better this morning, but it's been deteriorating as the day goes on.
I just got over a bad cold, I really don't want another!

In other news, I called MPI today to see if there were any updates on my driving situation.  As you recall, the neurologist approved me to drive and sent in the letter, so I have been patiently *ahem* waiting to hear.  They said it takes 5-10 days to process, but I was getting antsy, so I called them.


They mailed the approval letter December 15 - Brad told me it arrived today.



Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Red Lobster

School concerts are a complete trip.

You have the full spectrum of parenting styles on display.  There are the stay at home Mums who are in it to win it, participating in everything from costume design to set building;  The parents whose kid has a staring role and feel the need to tell you that every 5 seconds; The parents that are there because they have to be, neither them or their kid actually want to be there and then the group of parents that fall somewhere in the middle.

Last night was the K-4 concert. Logan is in Grade 4.  He's never been one to like these sorts of concerts.  One year he was standing on stage "singing".  We were video taping and zoomed in on him only to discover he wasn't singing Jingle Bells, but rather singing "Blah Blah Blah... Blah Blah  Blah" to the tune of Jingle Bells.  It was a proud moment.

Which is why we were sort of  perplexed when he auditioned this year.  He got the part of a Toy Soldier, which is a speaking part.  He had a little buyers remorse once he got the part, but he seemed to be ready to go for Monday night.

It was standing room only.  The principal tried to turn it into a positive saying "Isn't this a great display of support from the community..." Nice try Dude, tell that to the Grandma standing in the back.

It is always funny watching the parents try to wave to their kids when the get on stage.  You see the kids scanning the audience and then parents waving their heads off.  We have a system with our boys... we give a thumbs up rather than a wave.  Stands out a bit, but it's still subtle and we always find each other pretty quickly.

Last night a woman in front of me made a bird call. I kid you not.  After her emphatic attempts at waving were fruitless, she opted for a bird call.  A random "Caw Caw!".  It took me by complete surprise and I laughed out loud.  Hard.

My Dad was with me and we share the same sense of humor.   We were taking bets on what she would do next, set off a flare perhaps?

The K-2's were up first.  Always cute.  There is always one kid who isn't having it.  Everyone around him is doing the hand actions and getting into it and he's just standing there, scratching his head as if to say, "yeah... no".

The sang this one called "I want a kitty for a present". It somewhat reminds me of a that Hush Little Baby song.  The kids basically sing,  "I want a kitty for a pet, if I can't have a kitty, then I want a chicken for a pet, if I can't have a chicken I want a lobster for a pet...."

Every time the kids would announce what they would take instead of a kitty, they would hold up a drawing of the applicable animal.

Cute right?  Trust my Dad to ruin it in the most hilarious of ways.

As they were singing the song and got to the lobster part, my Dad starts to laugh.  Generally throughout these performances there are a few titters from the audience, for instance a kid holds a picture upside down, or part of a costumer falls off... cute funny stuff.

 But my Dad was really  laughing.  When I leaned over to shush him, he whispered, "They cooked the lobster!"

The picture of the lobster that they held up was red.  Doesn't seem odd at first until you recall that lobsters are a greenish brown until they are cooked and then they turn bright red.

So my Dad thought it was hilarious that the kids were singing about a pet lobster that was clearly dead. To which my Dad leans in and says "Well as least it would be well behaved".

My Dad's awesome.

After the K-2 performances, it was time for the 3-4 Holiday "Moosical".  The general premise is that a moose wants to be a reindeer and is told he can't be only to believe in himself and he learns to fly.

It was well done, the kids did great. I was really proud of Logan he remembered all his lines and looked so great in costume.

The picture is a bit fuzzy because we were WAY at the back and I have zoomed in here so you can see Logan.

All in all it was quite a fun night.  Tonight it Zach's concert.  Zach decided he didn't want to audition this year, so he's in the chorus.  It's only the 5-6 concert instead of K-4 so we are hoping it won't be as packed as it was last night.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Grand Forks recap

Whew! Weekend over.

We left mid afternoon on Friday to make it to the late Friday afternoon game.  It was a good start and the boys won 6-1.

Came back to the hotel and celebrated with some pizza.  Parents had their own poolside party, which moved to another parents room and then back down the lounge.  Migratory celebrations!

 The next day, Debbie, Erin and I did a little shopping. I had wanted to get some Xbox controllers for the boys.  They have 2 already, but when friends come over, they have to bring controllers with them so everyone can play.  I found out that in the US, you can get CAMO controllers.... Hello!

Best Buy had them on sale for $34.99, but they were sold out.  Target only had 1, and it wasn't on sale.  I ended up finding 2 at Walmart and got them to price match it to Target.  They are $69.99 each here, so the $34.99 was a good price.

Other than that didn't do too much shopping, just picked up a few things, stocking stuffers etc.  I did find a 3d hockey light at Target... well, I found the idea.  They only had the Football ones in stock.  But I knew Logan would LOVE the hockey puck version for his room.   I looked at Walmart in Grand Forks, but they didn't carry them.  By some fluke though, the Walmart up here does carry them and they had it in stock!  So my Mum picked one up for me because her Walmart had them in stock.  St. Vital was sold out.

They look like they are embedded in the dry wall.  Pretty cool and they were only $19.99 in Canada, which is the same price they were at Target.

After shopping we went back to the rink.  Unfortunately, the rest of the games didn't go so well.  We tied one and lost the next two.    Some officials were amazing, but some were just awful.  Kids were getting really rough and they weren't calling any penalties.  Our coaches got frustrated more than once over the lack of calls.

For the most part, Zach did really well.  There was one game, the 7:45-8:45pm game that went a little off the rails, mostly because it was at the end of a long day.  Plus, that day was filled with lost of running around, not enough sleep, being around hyper kids, junk food... bascially an ADHD nightmare.

But in the other ones he seemed to keep his emotions in check.

Logan seemed to have a good time as well. There were two packs of boys at any given time, the hockey team boys and then the little brother pack.  Logan made some new friends and had a blast.

On the way home, I stopped off in Pembina and picked up Logan's penny board.  I am still in awe.  It would have been around $30 to ship into Canada, but instead I shipped to Pembina for free and paid a $5 fee for handling.  So awesome.  Wish I had been doing this a long time ago!

Weather was warm, but that meant everything was mucky and foggy, although I will take that over freezing.  Drive home was a little fun with all the thick fog, but we made it.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming.  Logan's Holiday concert is tonight.  He is a Toy Solider in the play.  In an unfortunate coincidence, he woke up this morning with a really sore throat and his voice was a little hoarse.  So I gave him some sore throat lozenges... hopefully that does the trick!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Country Girl

Since we have been spending more and more time at the cabin, I have embraced my inner country girl.

Country... with a little bit city

I have even surprised myself with the amount of country that I like.... but it has to be contemporary country.  I still can't stomach any Garth Brooks, Randy Travis or anything.

So seeing as it's hump day... here is a sampling of my favorite tuneage....

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cautiously Optimistic

Yesterday I met with the Neurologist.

It's been a long time coming. In March I went to the ER not feeling at all well and the dr's there suspended my license on suspicion of a seizure.

Since that day, I have undergone scads of testing, Cardiac testing (Holter monitor, Echocardiogram, tilt table, drop test {take your blood pressure lying down and then right after you stand}), Neurological testing (MRI), Endocrine testing (blood sugar etc). I even sent my entire medical history down to be reviewed by the Best Doctors program.  They take your file and have a consultation to get the background of what you are going through.  Then your file is sent to high profile University/College medical specialists for review.  My file was sent to Harvard and Michigan.

All results have been fine.  The only thing that has shown up is that I have persistently low B12.  

They determined that it was heat sensitivity (hot water - bath/shower etc) combined with low water intake ( I really don't drink enough) and low salt that was causing my episodes.  A brief misdiagnosis of Meniere's disease was actually symptomatic of the concussion I got when I fainted and hit my head. Once I recovered from the concussion, the symptoms went away.

Despite all of the above, Manitoba Drivers licensing doesn't really care, they just need a neurologist to sign off on my ability to safely drive.

When I called the neurologist back in the summer they said it would be a 9 month wait.  Given at that point, I'd already been without a license since March, I had a minor meltdown.

The reason for the wait was that it had been over a year since I saw this neurologist and that means I was technically a new patient.  New patients hit the back of the line.

So I talked very nicely with the receptionist and got the "new patient" status waived, which meant my appointment moved from May 2015 up to January 2015.

Good news surely, but still a 4 month wait.

In a vain attempt at getting an earlier appointment I asked to be put on the cancellation list, but was told not to hold my breath as there was well over 20 people in front of me on the list

Now you're all caught up.

Saw the neurologist yesterday.   He went through my entire history, tests that have been done etc. We discussed the episode that caused me to go to the ER.  What he determined was that there is a potential for the March episode to have been a seizure, there is no way to tell for sure.  That being said, all of my current tests show good results and it's been 9 months since I had that episode and I haven't had any since.  Which means even if it was a seizure, it seems to have been an isolated incident.

He told me he is going to recommend my license be reinstated.  

So I should be doing cartwheels right?

The form MPI provided said they need an EEG report included with the neurology report.  However, my doctor doesn't feel there is enough evidence to warrant one prior to my license being returned. We are still going to do an EEG, but that could be an additional 4 month wait and my Dr feels I should be permitted to drive in the meantime.

The woman at Manitoba driver licensing said that it can take 5-10 days from when they receive the letter from the Dr for them to contact me with instructions.

These instructions are specific to each case and could indicate you have to take the driving test again. However, she told me that I hadn't been suspended so long that would warrant a re-test.

So that is why I am not letting myself getting too excited just yet.   I am nervous that MPI will hold out for an EEG and that I will have to re-test.

Fingers Crossed I will get a letter in 5 days that tells me I have to simply pay the fee and get my license back, that would be the best Christmas Gift Ever.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Could this be it?

I am usually bustling around in the morning, sometimes I forget my phone.  Other times I remember to bring my phone, but since I have the ringer turned off at work, someone calls and I don't hear it.

Thankfully neither of those two things happened this morning.    My cell phone went off, it didn't ring, but since I was right beside it I saw that someone was calling. Complete fluke.

It was the neurologist, there was a cancellation and they can fit me in today.

This means that I could potentially be on my way to getting my license back. I want this so bad I am almost scared to let myself get excited about it.

Today. 2:30pm.

Please send all the good vibes you can muster my way.  It's been a LONG 9 months.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Finally got a real one.

Back at the old house, we didn't have a fireplace, but I always wanted one.  So I would put on the UBER cheesy fireplace DVD instead.  It was so over the top, including sounds of a cracking fire in the background, but I loved it.

This year, we have a real fireplace.  It's nice.  Although because it's gas, you don't get the nice cracking sounds, but still, pretty good.  I had just turned the fireplace on in the pic below, so the flames hadn't gotten bigger yet.

Last night we decorated for the holidays.  Tree is up, advent calendar hung... the works.  We also watched Elf and Arthur Christmas.  I've never seen Arthur.... It's pretty good.

Now all I have to do is the shopping...

Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday's are a salvation

Ah Monday.  Thank Gawd.

I'm pretty tired.

This weekend was a super busy one... shocker... not like I ever have any of those.

Friday night I had to rush home to take Logan to the mall to buy a birthday present for a friend as he was going to a sleepover birthday party that night.

Got up early Saturday for Zach's game.  Once the game was over, then we had to hit Costco, Ikea, deliver the hockey fundraiser wreaths and go grocery shopping. Be forewarned, going to Costco and Ikea on Black Friday weekend is ill advised.

As much as I wanted to just sit on my backside and do nothing Saturday night, we had promised to go watch my nephew play hockey, so when we got home from grocery shopping, we threw all the required things in the fridge/freezer and left everything else on the counter so we could rush back out to make the game on time.  I am glad we went through.  It was a good game and Braden's team won!

Sunday wasn't much better rush wise.  Up at 7 am for Logan's 8:30 am game.  Then came home and got appetizers ready to take to a grey cup party at 4 pm.  I made a hot spinach artichoke dip.  Really good and somewhat foolproof (which comes in handy with me).

Boys were pretty rangy when we got back from that, so it was straight to bed for them.  Brad and I stayed up for a bit, but it became fairly obviously that we were both just done..

I know it's the holiday season and parties are going to be coming up fast and furious.  But all I really want right now is one whole day where I have nothing to do.  A full 24 hrs of sleep in-stay in your PJs-couch naps-netflix binging decadence.  There you go.. that's my Christmas list Santa.

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