Thursday, November 20, 2014


I have 12 people coming over on Saturday night.

It's a "get to know you" event for the parents of Logan's hockey team.  You spend a lot of time with with folks over the course of the year and it's nice if we can get to know each other early in the season.

It's also a house warming of sorts because we haven't had one of those yet either.

So the invite asked everyone to bring an appetizer, but I still feel as the host that I should have more than a few options on hand.

Whenever I need gourmet advice, I always check in with Heather, she has amazing suggestions.  So i now have a bunch of good appetizer ideas, none of which are my own, but hopefully they all turn out.

Boys are having a sleepover at my parents place that night, so it will be a decidedly kid-free zone. Some of the people coming are my good friends like Beth and Dave, so it should be a good party!


HP said...

ack! So much pressure! ;-)

Let me know what you end up making.

ujoyjulia said...

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