Monday, November 3, 2014

Shepard's Pie Flambe

In my attempt at making a nice home cooked meal on Sunday, I instead started a fire.

Good times.

It started with my making a Shepard's Pie.  I was cooking the carrots, celery and onion....a mirepoix if you will (gotta bust out the big words occasionally). While that was going along nicely, I thought I would start boiling the potatoes.

But, for the life of me I couldn't find a lid.  Not sure exactly where they all ran off to, but no lid.  So in my infinite wisdom, I used a silicon cutting board to cover the pot of boiling water.  This was the TSN turning point of the meal.

In our old house, on my old stove, the element was the same size as the pot.  On this new stove, I can choose the element size by pushing a button.  So I had inadvertently chosen an element size bigger than my pot.

Since the silicon cutting board was larger than my pot, it hung over the edges and was exposed to the heat because I had chosen the wrong element size.

Looking at the pot on the stove from the front, all was well,  but it was a mullet of a situation.... business in the front, party in the back.  The back side was where the cutting board had melted down and was now touching the stove.

Since I was working at the front of the stove, I didn't notice right away.  Logan came in to the kitchen and just said "Uh.... Mum? You do realize the stove is on fire right?"

Just as I notice, it completely burst into flames.  But since the silicon was now melted, when I went to remove it from the stove, it was like pulling  melted cheese.

There were endless molten hot strings of silicon leading from the stove everywhere, the fire alarm was going off, the phone was ringing ( because we have a monitored alarm) and Logan is now freaking out.

Perfection.  so much for a lazy Sunday meal.

I got the remainder of the cutting board (that hadn't yet melted) away from the stove, got the pot of boiling potatoes off the stove and managed to put out the fire.  Luckily the melted silicon strings hardened pretty fast and once they did that it was easy to peel them off.

The stove took a fair bit of scrubbing, but it miraculously came out no worse for the wear.  Just as miraculously, dinner wasn't ruined, so I was still able to clean up the mess and salvage supper.  In fact, the pot of meat and veggies came out of the fire completely unscathed and continued to simmer away completely oblivious to the drama beside it, so that was good.

On a positive note, at least we know that the alarm monitoring works. So there's that.


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