Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Appetizer Success! Well 99% anyways.

The appetizers that Heather suggested were amazing.  Seriously... so good.

I also made the Pizza stuffed Mushrooms, which were fantastic as well.  The only one that didn't turn out was arguably the easiest one (incidentally this recipie wasn't Heather's).  You take genoa salami and put a dollop of pineapple cream cheese in the center and fold up the edges of the salami around it to make a sort of flower.  I've had them before and they are delicious.

Simple right?

Would be except, they do not make pineapple cream cheese anymore.  Unswayed, I decided to make my own.  I blended up some pineapple and threw it in my kitchen aid mixer.  Then added some cream cheese and turned it on.  I really should have put the cream cheese in first and turned the mixer on SLOW because when I turned it on, all of the pineapple pulp flew out of the mixer covering me.

But I tried again and this time it went better but was WAY too runny.   Plus the globs of cream cheese weren't totally mixing with the pineapple pulp.  But at this point it tasted pretty good, so I wasn't too concerned.

I had an idea, why not melt the cream cheese/pineapple mixture so that it would properly combine and then cool it.  Voila.  Solution found.

It worked like a charm.  Cream cheese melted, combined perfectly with the pineapple.  I set it aside to cool and got to work on the rest of the appetizers, which frankly were super easy.

Made my way back to the cream cheese mixture all set to assemble my genoa flowers, but I thought I would give the concoction a taste first.

Oh holy h*ll.
Not sure what happened during the heating, maybe it released some weird pineapple chemical, but it was the weirdest thing.  The first taste on your tongue was good, pineapple cheesecake-esque, but then you were hit with the most gawd awful aftertaste that was something nightmares are made of.

I had an entire VAT of this stuff, but I had to pitch it because it was completely unpalatable.  Sadly, my craving for genoa flower appetizers was destined to go unsatisfied.

The party itself was great, everyone brought munchies and drinks.  We all got to know eachother and had a fun time.

Sunday Brad had to get up early to go pick up the boys from my Mum's for the early morning game.  Dave and Beth swung by and got me on their way.

After the game, I was babysitting Beth's twins and despite just having played a game, they were back outside playing street hockey.

So it was a great weekend, exhausting yes, but great.  The good thing about having people over it I get the motivation to do all the things I have been wanting to get to for awhile, hanging pictures etc.  Completely productive, must have people over more often.


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