Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hockey is in full swing.

Logan had 5 tryout skates. 5!!!

In the end he made A2 and he was thrilled.  Not only did he make A2, but he is with all of his buddies, Alex, Connor, Rylan and Seth C.  The sad/happy part is that Logan's best friend Seth D. made A1 as a goalie, so he won't be on the team.  Sad because they love playing together and happy because good for Seth for making A1.

It does suck though because Debbie and I won't get to see as much of each other during hockey season, so to remedy that we got season tickets to MTC!  Friday night is now our new girls night.  Awesome.  The list of plays looks great this season, Sherlock Holmes, Robin Hook, Cabaret!

Zach is still working on tryouts.  He's had 3 so far with one more on Saturday.  He's on the bubble between A2 and A3.  A lot of families do hockey camps to prep for tryouts and stuff.  That's great if your kids are into it, mine aren't.  They like playing hockey, but they are quite content to get off the ice in March, to get back on in September and get that break in between.

Zach got new skates this year and the blisters they are causing are unbelievable!  They are enormous.  One on his right instep is about the size of half a credit card.  I was shocked.  Brad had been wrapping his foot up, so hopefully the blisters heal and he can skate without pain soon.

In the meantime, I am back to marking papers again. I am doing a totally different course and it's definitely not in my comfort zone, but I think it will be good for me.

So between quarter end, hockey tryouts and practices, marking papers and getting house renos done (crown molding on cabinets, electrical/surveillance upgrades), I've been a little busy.


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