Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014.

I have never been overly into Halloween. Just not my thing.

Sure we've done the kid thing, carving pumpkins, getting costumes etc.  When the kids were little we went to Boo at the Zoo every year.

Zach shares my lackadaisical attitude about it.  He decided on his costume last night.  The only reason he is even wearing one at all is because the kids in his class are dressing up and he doesn't want to be the one kid who didn't.  Since he was at a different school last year, no one saw his costume, so he is wearing the same one from last year.

Reprised or not, I think he makes a great Si!

Logan on the other hand is a whole other being.  He stressed about what his costume was going to be for a good week.  It was always going to be Zombie - something.  The other day he settled on Disco-Zombie.  He had it in his head that he needed zombie make up with a Rainbow afro.

Halloween is not the time to question your child's costume choices.  Who cares.  Let them be whatever.  So off we went to the Halloween costme store last night to get the wig.   I am not the best with Halloween makeup, so we decided to get a zombie mask as well.

The result was greater than the sum of its parts, however,, we all had to conclude that the look was more Zombie Clown than Disco Zombie.  Honestly though, a zombie clown is a bit more terrifying. Clowns already freak me out to begin with.

The pants are ripped at the knees and the bottoms (not visible int he photo) are cut up as well.  Outside of the wig, the rest of the costume doesn't really lend much to the clown idea, but again... who cares.  Logan's happy and that's all the matters.

Tonight Debbie and I are going to take Seth and Logan around.  Zach is going to go with his hockey buddy Ben Ringer.

I am just glad it's the weekend!


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