Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day 4 - Check in

Wine me strength.

The cleanse itself is fine. I feel fine, so far I have not had any crazy detox symptoms.  I started to get concerned I wasn't doing the fast right, but it's pretty simple, juice veggie/fruits and drink only that.  Which is what I have been doing.  Apparently though, some people don't get detox symptoms, its not uncommon.  

What I am tired of is juicing. Not the drinking of the juice, the actual juicing itself.   You go through ENORMOUS amounts of produce. It's insane, so a juice fast isn't exactly cheap with buying all of the produce you need.  Second, it's work!  Washing and cutting up all the produce, juicing, cleaning the juicer.... It's endless.

At first when I heard of buying all of your juice for a juice fast, I thought it would easier and cheaper to make it yourself.  Now I understand why people go that route. Ready made juice?  Decadent.

But I am going to soldier on.  Initially we were planning on doing a 10 day fast.  I think we are going to cap the magic at 7.  10 days was just an arbitrary number we had picked at the start anyways, so it didn't really matter.

Since I started the fast Sunday after breakfast, I am going to thoroughly enjoy a Sunday brunch this weekend.


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