Monday, October 27, 2014

Bar Stools and a Glass of Juice

I have been wanting bar stools since we moved in 3 months ago.  We had initially purchased some at Costco, but they were taking forever to come in.

Finally last week they arrived, sorta.  One arrived, with the box sliced open and the leather seat cut.  Awesome.

A call to Costco quickly informed us that the stools are now out of stock.  So we returned the sliced up one and cancelled the others.

Back to the drawing board.  See I wanted eclectic stools, just a little bit different from the norm.  However, I really did not wan to pay the corresponding eclectic price that those designer stools come with.

We decided to hit the TAG warehouse.  I had never been, but they have wholesale furniture from Palliser, Ashley and a number of other places.

Initially, we didn't see much of a selection of stools.  They have lots of couches and chairs, but not so many bar stools.

Just as we were about to leave, Brad found some ones tucked away in the corner.  They didn't quite hit all of our criteria, but they did hit some:

1. Swivel - Yes
2. Rustic looking - Yes
3. Round base - No
4. High Back - No

It doesn't have any fabric on the seat, which I was worried would make it uncomfortable, but surprisingly they are quite comfortable.

They were listed at $119/each, but we talked the guy down to $105/each.  Not a huge savings, but we were happy with it.

I was curious of the regular price.  I found the stools here:

and check it!! The regular price is $227 on sale for $148.  So we ever beat the online sale price and no shipping to pay! Woo Hoo!

The stools look great in the house, but I really can't imagine paying $227 for them.  That's crazy!

In other news, I started a juice cleanse.  Why?  Well, I have been feeling rather cruddy as of late and wanted to kick start my system.

Brad and I went out and bought a juicer.  So far I am 24 hrs in without solid food.  I am doing good.  I feel normal.  It's weird though, going on 24 hours without solids you would expect to be hungry, but I'm not.  It is an odd feeling.

It's kind of difficult to do a juice cleanse while working in that you have to take your juice to work. I have also been forewarned of the perils of day 3.  If I had been planning this correctly, I would have coordinated day 3 to be on a weekend, so I could just stay home, but alas, I was not that forward thinking.

What I am hoping is that at the end of the 10 days (how long I hope to last on this thing), I will feel good, maybe even have dropped a few pounds.

Time will tell.


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