Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rider Recap

It was a busy weekend.

Friday night I cleaned house.  My first big clean in the new place - bit of a wake up call... takes me way longer.

Zach had a buddy come over Friday night which is good. He's making some new friends at the school and I couldn't be more pleased for him.  It's a fresh start that seems to be working out for him just as I hoped it would.

Logan is doing ok.  It's taking him a bit more effort to adjust which is so strange because I would have figured of the two Logan would have adapted easier.  They are always surprising me.

Saturday morning Brad went for a ride with his friend Dave. Dave's big bike tour is coming up so he is in full training mode.  While they were off, I watched Dave's boys.  Then when they came back, Brad took Logan, Zach, Conner, Rylan and Seth to the Bomber Appreciation event at the stadium.

**Conner is a big Riders Fan and was clearly not into the festivities Ha ha!

Saturday night was  the Rider/Bomber fan party at Dave and Beth's.  Everyone was decked out in either Blue or Green and the trash talk was flowing. It's kind of bitter sweet in that usually that is the last big outdoor party of the year.  You can feel it in the air.

Sunday was the Banjo Bowl.  We got there early so that we could tailgate with Debbie, David, Sean, Erin and David (along with everyone's respective offspring!).


Tailgating is rapidly becoming my favorite part of the whole thing!  After the tailgating we took the boys over to Bomberville.  Zach and Logan both got to try their hand at kicking a field goal.

The game itself was kind of intense.  First we were doing great, then 2nd quarter sucked balls.  Then we made a late push and almost tied it up only to throw an interception and that was the game.


Two games back to back beaten by the Riders.   Less than awesome, but the Riders and the Bombers have the best fans in the CFL. No kidding.  Say what you want about the Riders, but Rider Nation is no joke.  Those folks are hardcore.  Bomber fans are no slouch either, it's widely known that our stadium is the loudest in the country.  Teams actually have to practice with pumped in crowd onise to prepare for games here.

So all and in all, great weekend.


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