Tuesday, September 2, 2014


This weekend we were at the cabin for the unbirthday celebration. It was great.  On Saturday we celebrated Zach's ACTUAL birthday.  We had a big breakfast, he spent the day outside playing with Dawson and Logan.  They boys had decided to go fishing which was fine, but Dale drove down to check on them in his truck and got stuck in the mud.  So he went back to get his tractor to pull out the truck.  Trouble was, the tractor then got stuck.  Not good.  But they decided to leave the chaos until morning, because in the evening we made a turkey supper and had Dale, Dawson and Courtney over.  Good Times.

Sunday was the unbirthday.  We exchanged gifts in the morning. Silly, small, gifts that illicit more laughter than anything else, but that in and of itself is a gift.  Brad went down to help Dale in the afternoon.  Brad drove a truck down to where everything was stuck, being careful to stay back so as he wouldn't get stuck, however, the truck slid down the bank and got stuck.  Dale went and got the BIG tractor and even that got stuck.

See the problem is that the flooding this year brings all of this silt type stuff, which looks like normal soil, but has the consistency of cheesecake.  You just sink into it and then it creates a suction much like quicksand.  You can drive over it once, but by the time you drive a second time, water rises to the surface and creates a muck which is why everything was getting stuck.  It took some serious finagling, but Dale, Brad and Rob were able to get both trucks and both tractors free from the muck.

In the afternoon we all went over to Dale and Courtney's to watch the labor day game.  Now I know this sounds like a bitter fan who just lost, but the officials blew some serious off side calls one of which resulted in a touchdown.    We always bet on the Bomber/Rider games. Usually the bet is beer.

So... yeah.  We owe Dale a case of beer.

Monday we packed up pretty early to come home.  We stopped in at Dale and Courtney's to say goodbye which resulted in Logan and Dawson going for a ride on his quad.   A half hour later they were back, muddy with  big smiles on their faces.  Gotta love the country.

Pretty good Labor Day weekend!


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