Monday, September 15, 2014

Mattress is ordered.

Friday night we ordered the bed.

It will be delivered on Tuesday.  Which will make it just over a week since I started sleeping on the floor.  

The new mattress is called "Wistful" which isn't exactly a name I would associate with a comfortable nights rest, however, if it can help me get 7 hours of sleep without my back going into spasms, I could care less what it's called.

After buying a mattress, we then went grocery shopping.  Now if that isn't a fun Friday night when you are a 9 or 11 year old boy, I don't know what is.

Saturday Logan had a bowling get together with his friend Cam.    Logan has been missing Cam since he changed schools this year.  Cam if you recall has special needs, but to Logan, he's just Cam.  It really warms my heart to see them together and whenever Cam says "Logan", my heart melts a little.

This visit was amazing. Cam has grown so much!  Plus his speech has gotten so much better, he can bowl on his own AND for the first time (for me, not Cam), I saw him smiling and laughing.  So cool.

Sunday was my marker meeting.  I am marking papers for CGA again this year, but I am marking a new course, so I wanted to sit down with someone who has marked it before.  Brenda was gracious enough to give up an hour of her Sunday to sit down with me.  I feel much more confident about it now that I know how the program works a bit better.

 After that it was a short visit with Jill and Jason (and their fur babies Ruby and Lacey) before we headed home.

Sundays are rapidly becoming my favorite day of the week because on Sunday evenings Outlander comes on.  Holy Mother. So good.  The book (which is now a tv series) was even name checked on my other favorite show...

Yup.  Pretty much. But the setting is gorgeous and the story line is solid.  If you haven't read the books,  DO.  So worth the read.


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