Thursday, September 4, 2014

First Day

Boys were super excited for school to start today.  They had an epic summer filled with wide open country spaces, fishing, trips to Alberta, a new house, pool parties...

But today was the day.  Back to a NEW school.  Zach was pumped, never actually seen the kid this excited for school before.  Logan was less so, I think he was trying to get himself excited, but he wasn't actually feeling it.  He was nervous (again, wouldn't admit it) and had trouble sleeping last night and his stomach was upset this morning and he didn't want to eat.

It was actually interesting in the fact that this was the first time I have walked the kids to school.  Usually we drop them off at daycare in the morning and when it's time, the daycare staff walk them over, same goes for the end of the day but in reverse.

Now, I walk them and Brad will pick them up.  It's not a FAR walk, but just shy of the 1.6 km cut off to qualify for a bus.  We are 1.4 km.  The plan for now is to walk to school, but in the winter, we might hop a city bus if it gets really cold.

To get to school we have to walk through some picturesque walkways that go past a man made lake.  It's gorgeous, but a goose poop extravaganza.  Plus the amount of Canada Geese that congregate are something else.  It's best not to piss them off.  Geese look all mild and mannered, but those suckers can be viscous when they are angry!  Did you know that they hiss? Completely terrifying.

So we go to school and located the doors that each one had to line up at.  Logan lined up right away.  Initially he wanted me to wait with him until the bell rang, but since none of the other kids had their mums with them, he quickly abandoned that idea.  Zach opted to play on the playground opposite his door until the bell rang.  I really hope his hockey buddy Greg is in his class.  That would be amazing.

It was pretty seamless actually. Walked to school, dropped them off at the doors and stood at bus bus stop just in front of the school.  Made it to work by 9:10 am. Not too shabby.


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