Tuesday, September 23, 2014

C'mon Down!

Since we are all moved in it became apparent we needed some new furniture. The priority on that list was the dining room table, it was looking decidedly ghetto (Brad HATES it when I say that, but it's true).

The table was our first purchase when we moved into our second apartment over 12 years ago.  Add to that moving three times, two kids and well, it's looking a little haggard.  Plus the chairs that came with it have long since fallen apart and so the seating at this point is somewhat of a hodge podge.

It didn't stand out so much in the old house, so it really wasn't a priority.  Fast forward to new house, where we have a very open concept living/dining/kitchen area.   In comparison with the new cabinets and hardwoods it just exemplifies how old this table is.

I had been looking for awhile. In fact, Sunday night as I was ordering some bar stools for the island online, I almost purchased a dining room set as well, but I changed my mind at the last minute as I felt it was too pricey.

Looked online at the Brick, Dufrense and didn't really see anything that I liked.  I didn't want something crazy high end, although I did want leather/leather-esque seats.

I don't really know what made me think of Kern Hill Furniture, but somehow I ended up on their website.  Kern Hill is a Winnipeg Institution.  The iconic radio ads saying "C'mon Down to Kern Hill Furniture Co-Op" have been around since the 70s.  Plus, there is something to be said for buying local.

You know what?  Their prices are really competitive.  We found a table/chair set that we liked...

The price on the table was so good that I started looking around the store for living room stuff.  From the get go I knew that I wanted a leather sectional. Kern Hill is actually a Palliser dealer.  So one thing led to another and we bought this..

With two exceptions;
1. Ours will be chocolate brown leather. 100% leather on every surface. I found out that some couches will have leather seating and then a leatherette match on the sides to keep the costs down.   That wasn't available on this model, so it's all leather which didn't exactly help the price point. Gulp!

2. We deleted the arm rest on the left side and added a bumper instead. So the right will have the chaise and the left will have a rounded edge like this:

We then realized that our coffee table wouldn't work with the new sectional configuration, so we got this Ashley furniture circular one:

The coffee table is cool in that it has these four stools that pull out for extra seating if you need. Slick.

The beauty of dealing with local guys is that there is sometimes flexibility with pricing.  The sales guy came back with a total for all the thing we wanted.  It was reasonable to be honest, but I am a Winnipegger born and bred and I want a deal.  So I told the guy we'd think about it as we were going to check out the Palliser Outlet on Kernaghan.

He told us to hold on and he'd go see what he could do.  He came back and had knocked $700 off the combined total.


Dining room/Coffee table will be delivered within the week.  The sectional is a custom order, so that one will take about a month or so.



Hayneedle said...

You got some really nice items. If I weren't so tired I would do a little happy dance on your behalf too. lol
I understand how you feel and that looks like a well deserved change. Hurray!

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