Friday, August 22, 2014

Rained out Tailgate

Sadly I think our tailgate party is going to get rained out, which sucks royally because it is arguably one of the best parts about going to the game.

Hopefully they pull out a win for us tonight.  Come on WILLY!

Tomorrow we are having my In-laws come over for a combined birthday celebration.  Logan's birthday is in June, Zach is August, so we usually try to have a party in July sometime to celebrate both because it's hard to coordinate busy families. But this year, July was kind of intense for us with packing/moving that we decided to bump in and celebrate in the new house.

I think that they are coming over sometime in the afternoon.  Sunday we have no plans at the moment which is lovely.  Brad is still on holidays next week, but I have to work. Oh the joys of no daycare...tag team vacations.

Not gonna lie... feeling a little bummed the past few days. I'm not sure if is because my holidays are over, or because there was so much excitement about moving into the house and getting everything and now that it's all done it's like the life version of a sugar crash.

But whatever it is, I really need to shake off this funk I am in that's for damn sure. So in that spirit, here are two videos that make me smile.


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