Monday, August 25, 2014


One thing that sucks about living in a new area.  It's muddy, there are always big trucks around and construction crews are everyone.

One of those construction crews severed an underground cable this weekend and knocked out power to River Park South.  Some areas were down for about 2 hours.  Others. **ahem me * were out for 11 hours.

What made it suck even more was that were supposed to have Brad's family over for supper.  So the blackout kiboshed that pretty fast. We ended up going to their place instead, which was good in that we still got a visit in.  We left at 2pm for their place and came home at 8:15pm.  When we walked in the house the clock was flashing 12:11.  The power had only been on for 11 minutes when we got home.  Yikes!

Sunday Owen came over to do set up the electrical in the basement.  While we aren't finishing the basement anytime soon, we still want power down there so we can plug in a treadmill etc.  Running wires involved drilling holes into studs.  Brad's drill did it's best, but got really tired and he burnt out the motor, so they had to stop.

The cool thing was that Whitney came by and I got to hang out with her for a bit.  Whit and Owen are expecting which is pretty damn awesome. I'm really happy for them.  So after the guys finished up in the basement, we all had supper and watched the Rider game.

Sadly the Riders one.  Pesky green melonheads.


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