Thursday, August 21, 2014

and just like that the house is now a home.

It's been an interesting 3 weeks.

It was funny to see the transition.  For the longest time the old house was "Home" and the new house was affectionately called "Twick".

Somewhere around moving day, we starting called Twick "Home" and the old house "Southglen". It wasn't intentional, it just sorta happened.  But it does feel like home now.

Moving was good, so glad that we got movers.  I can't even imagine what an utter pain it would have been to move that stuff ourselves.  I have started to put pictures up and all the boxes  (with the exception of two in think) are unpacked.

Sterling has been pretty awesome at dealing with any issues that came up. For instance, our first night we noticed that the hot/cold were reversed in our shower.  They came the next day to fix it.  Can't ask for much more than that.  There are a few things that needs to be addressed (fireplace grate is slightly crooked etc).  Initially I was kinda frustrated, but then I talked to my friend who just built a condo and she had to have a spreadsheet to keep all the things that needing addressing, so I am fortunate we haven't had that!  I am sure that things will come up as time goes on, but so far so good.

We put the backsplash in right away.  It was one of those things that we knew that if it didn't get done soon it would not get done.  So we went out and bought the tile and installed it last week:

The crown moldings on the cabinets go in today as well as the glass on the liquor cabinet.

Tomorrow blinds go in.  That is the one thing that I wasn't prepared for; moving into a house with no blinds.  It sucks.  You realize how much you rely on them for privacy!   For the first time I got a bunch of quotes.  Usually I say I am going to get quotes for things, but then ultimately just go for the one who calls me back first because I couldn't be bothered.  However, since I was on holidays, I had the time to call around.  I ended up going with Change of Blinds.  It's a new company, but the owner is the one who does the install which is cool because you know that he is going to do a good job because  it's HIS business.

He gave us a great deal.  It makes sense though.  We are one of the first families to move in on a brand new street.  EVERYONE needs blinds.  So being able to get a foothold in that market is huge.  He even agreed to take down our temporary blinds in exchange for placing a sign on our "lawn" (it's currently a glorious pile of mud and gravel).  DONE. I can't wait to see how it looks tomorrow.

There are a few things left to do on the outside.  Stucco/Siding for one.  Then the shutters have to be installed and painted to match the front door and garage door.  Once final grading of the property is done, we can then do landscaping and install a deck.  My guess is that actually won't be done until spring next year.

So that's it.  All that waiting, anticipation, almost a year in the making and it's come to a close.  New chapter for our family begins now.  Excited {despite having sore legs from climbing so many stairs everyday :)  }.


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