Friday, July 18, 2014

Wax On - Wax Off

I do the stupidest things sometimes.  It's somewhat alarming.

Last night was the Bomber game (which sucked in an of itself because we got blown out by the Eskimos). We had a great time tailgating with George and Brett.  George brought all of the fixings for dinner, it was great!

Got to our seats and I went to put in my earplugs.  Most that know me are aware I have hearing loss.  So I take steps to protect what I have.  Bomber Games are really loud, so I buy these wax ear plug things to block the sound out. I have tried all sorts of earplugs, but the wax ones block out the sound the best.  I have used them many times in the past with no problems.  However, yesterday was a little different.

I was getting the earplugs into place.  You basically take a little nub of this pliable wax, roll it into a ball and squish it in your ear.  Sounds pleasant I know.  My right earplug did not go in right the first time, so I went to remove it to try again. This is what I will call the TSN turning point of the the game.

A piece of the wax broke off. I used the term "broke off" lightly because this stuff has the consistency putty.  But nonetheless, some was stuck in my ear.

In my infinite wisdom I thought I would use the gum-on-face technique to get it out.  You know when you were a kid and you blew a bubble and it popped all over your face and you used the gum in your mouth to remove all the bits stuck to your face? That technique. On a side note, now that I think about it, the gum-on-face technique is actually pretty gross.

Anyways, I thought that if I put the wax earplug (or the bit that I still had) back in my ear, it would stick to the piece that broke off and I could pull out the lot.  In theory the logic is sound.  In practice, I only succeeded in shoving the lost piece of earplug deeper in my ear.

What I should have done was NOTHING.  When Brad looked in my ear, he could see the earplug, so if I had waited, he would have easily been able to get it out at home.  What I did was keep attempting to get it out and made it even worse.

It felt like I was underwater.  It was such an uncomfortable feeling having this earplug stuck, that I was somewhat desperate to get it out. So I found some first aid people at the game to see if they had tweezers and could try.  They did try, but were scared of making it worse and told me to go to the hospital.

Going to the hospital was something I was not interested in doing at all. However, I also couldn't spend much more time with this lime green earplug stuck either.  When we got home, I found a long cuticle pusher thing and gave it to Brad to see if he could get it out.  But he did not have much luck.

It was time to take matters into my own hands... or ear I should say.  It was actually easier for me to get it out than Brad.  Although I couldn't see what I was doing, I was able to feel and could stop when I got close to my eardrum.  It took a couple tries, but I got the ear plug out, in all it's lime green splendor.

Ear is a little sore today from all the poking around. Brad took at look with the light and was pretty sure I got it all, so that's a good thing.

Honestly it amazes me how I get into these things.


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