Friday, July 11, 2014

Washer, Dryers and Stoves oh my!

Appliances have been purchased.


It is rare for me to spend that much money in that short of a span of time.  The frugal girl in me was having a bit of a meltdown when I saw the purchase prices.  The sales guy (who I will now fondly refer to as Fridge McDishwasher) was walking us around giving us information on each one.

Honestly, I learned more than I ever care to about dishwashers.  What I will say now is that I owe the dishwasher at home a bit of an apology, apparently you are supposed to do monthly  maintenance on them.  Am I the only person who did not know that?

The guy went on and on... and on... about dishwashers. I just wanted to interrupt him and say, "Yeah, that's great, we'll take the shiny one over there."   We chose a Kitchen Aid  one with a pocket handle and control on the front (instead of the inside top of the door) Apparently he was quite tickled with the one we chose because it was the model that he has at home. Wonderful. We are appliance buddies.

I will give the dude credit for his knowledge though, because he stopped me from making what I think would have been a mistake.  I wanted a fridge that had a separate drawer.  They look like this:

Why did I want one?  Not going to lie, they looked cool - that's about it.  However, Fridge McDishwasher pointed put that by getting that drawer, you lose 2 crispers for your fruits/veggies and you basically have to use the drawer for fruits/veggies, but because of the space lost to install a drawer, there isn't much.  Thank you Mr. McDishwasher! You're my new best friend, I would have never realized that if he hadn't pointed it out. (not even being sarcastic, I am really glad he mentioned that!).

So instead we got a Maytag French door with water/ice dispenser and freezer on the bottom. (it even has a tucked away slot for frozen pizza!).

I was very specific about the kind of oven I wanted.  Initially, I really wanted wall ovens.   However, it just didn't happen.  The reason why I wanted wall ovens was so I could cook two things at once (turkey and pie for example).  So I got the next best thing, a double oven.  I sacrificed the bottom pan drawer (because I have a lot of storage space in the new house and opted for the second oven, This one was KitchenAid as well.

As for washer and dryers, I had been humming and hawing.  Did I want a front load or top load?  In the end I got a Samsung Front Load Washer/Dryer with vibration reduction technology as well as a steam option.  This one I am looking forward to. Have a wrinkled item?  Throw it in the steam cycle on the dryer for 10 min.  Wrinkles gone. Love.  I had lofty plans of getting the pedestals but McDishwasher said that if you have main floor laundry, putting the appliances on pedestals will accentuate the vibrations.  So we opted out.

Incidentally, Samsung is the only washer/dryer that comes with all of the connection hoses.  Maytag, Whirlpool etc all make you buy them separate as they call them an accessory. I would not go so far as to call the hoses that are required to bring water into a WASHER an accessory.

The suggested retail price would have put everything (including shipping/taxes over $9,000.  Gulp.

However, by going to a wholesale place, you don't pay that retail price.  Plus we had builder discount credit and so we got the price down about $2,500.  Nice nice nice.

Everything I wanted AND under budget?  That is a win for us.



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