Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Still a pain in the neck

Sometime in February I angered my neck. 

Not sure how.  Just woke up one morning and it was in a full tantrum.  Ended up going to the chiropractor and it helped.  Never really got back to 100%, but definitely improved.

Well, apparently I have not learned my lesson and I angered it again. Still don't know what I did which really would be nice to know because I assure you I would take steps to avoid it!

So I have been in denial for a few days, telling myself it's fine.  However, woke up this morning and I couldn't turn my head to the left (which I am fond of doing), so it was time to stage an intervention.

I called my chiro this morning. I must have sounded just desperate enough that they squeezed me in this morning.  He did an adjustment.  The muscle are still sore and will be, but at least my neck is back in alignment and I can turn my head (again... something I am quite fond of).

Last night was all about moving.  We had a quote for movers.  They quoted us $860 for everything.  Not just the furniture, but everything.  So for an extra $260, I do not have to lift, move or in any way be responsible for getting what is rapidly becoming a sea of boxes?  Done. Where do I sign?

After the movers left, we started doing some packing.  Brad packed up the gym, took apart his behemoth of a Bowflex while I continued packing upstairs.

Initially it was all systems go and I was really into it, but the novelty has worn off.  What resulted was my attempting to empty a closet, but then I would get distracted by old photo albums or clothes I forgot I had.

I did get some stuff done though.  One thing is for sure, we have too much stuff.   In our kitchen we have a corner cupboard that I put glasses in.  It's quite a deep cupboard and holds a lot of stuff.  There are only 4 people living in my house and unless we invite the entire neighborhood over we do not need all of these glasses.  What I realized is that for the past 10 years of living in this house, we really only use the first two row of glassware.  As I was packing I marveled at the glasses buried deep at the back of this cupboard that I had not seen since the last time we moved.  It was somewhat nostalgic really.

We had to stop packing when we ran out of packing material.  I had no bubble wrap or newspaper so we had to put a pin in the festivities.

Tonight we are going to Twick to take some measurements for the new appliances - Going to do that tomorrow.  NEW appliances!!!  This feels beyond decadent!


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